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A Cairn Terrier in three words - Cairn Terrier Collectibles

We are on a mission to find the words, which best describe the indomitable Cairn. The first word in your head was stubborn wasn’t it??  No, wait, let’s not go there straight away, and let’s consider his other fine characteristics.  Wikipedia describes him as “Gay, fearless, hardy, active, intelligent and assertive.”

We got our first two having met the legend that was Bill.  Bill was a little grey barrel who walked slowly, under protest and was deaf.  At least we assumed for some years he was deaf as he responded to no instruction whatsoever unless snacks were involved.  Owner Julie explained he wasn’t deaf he was stubborn and very Cairn.  Ah, there’s the “s” word.

It didn’t put us off though and we bought two puppies.  After all we reasoned, these guys were full of character, there wouldn’t be a dull moment.  “It will be fun”, we said. 

After the first skip load of destroyed rubber plants, whicker baskets, shoes, skirting boards, the lodger’s bike tires, and most things under picture rail height got carted away, we knew we were in trouble.  Training was called for, started and abandoned.  We owned the most uncooperative terriers known to man.  “My God” exclaimed the trainer, “they are the most stubborn dogs I have ever worked with.”  The “s” word again!

Last week we threw out this challenge to our Facebook friends (Cairn Terrier Addicts is where you will find us)  “Describe your Cairn in three words or less.”  Oh boy did we get some good answers with loads of recurring themes.  “Funny, feisty, fearless, friendly, hyper, lovable, loyal, hungry, wilful and the word ‘Stubborn’ featured strongly, very strongly.  Our favourites include 'Independent comedy creature", plus:  “Daft but lovable”, “Four legged trouble” and the star entry, “Spoilt wee shite”.  (At least that’s a slightly different “s” word).

Bill has long since gone having had loads of adventures, mainly on his terms, including the never to be forgotten incident of him leaping out of a caravan window and getting caught there by his lead.  He was rescued straight away as a swinging growling Cairn cannot be ignored for any length of time, but he wasn’t awfully grateful.  They are great leapers.

Our puppies proved amazing little beasties and lasted well into very old age, much to everyone’s surprise considering the amount of inappropriate stinky, festering morsels they consumed out on walks and even a snakebite.  (Not the drink of choice for kids in the eighties you understand).

So back to the “S” word.  Of course they are.  We love it.

Ruth and Phil

p.s. we liked this exercise so much that we created a whole clothing and accessories range called My Cairn Terrier out of the most popular words our FB friends gave us (Spoilt Wee Shite excluded).

p.p.s This range has free shipping anywhere in the world!

p.p.p.s We are thinking about a Spoilt Wee Shite range!