An update from the home front April 13, 2020 10:31

An update from the home front - Cairn Terrier Collectibles

Good day to you and yours, and sincere hopes that you and your loved ones are safe and well.  We thought it was time for an update from our home to yours.  We have three dogs, the two old ladies, Hattie and Bella, and the destroyer of worlds, young Ripley. 

Ripley is now two, and has eventually calmed down from the biting, fighting velociraptor of the early days, to a more loving, though still very opinionated terrier!  We stopped the agility and obedience training for a break, her recall is pretty good unless there is a squirrel or bird or sea anemone within two hundred miles.  Pulling on the lead is still an issue we are trying to address.  She is a little treasure when she is tired, but a right little imp with a penchant for jumping up on the dining room table when we are not looking!


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It took a long time, much longer than the textbooks would have it for the old ladies to accept the puppy.  Even now, Hattie the poorly one has the ability to stop Ripley in her tracks.  If Ripley’s ball lands near Hattie, she will not attempt to retrieve it!  She will skirt around it and whine and crawl, but no way will she barge in and take it!

Hattie is struggling on against rather overwhelming odds sadly.  Steroids are keeping her as pain free as possible, but the tumour, which has rendered one of her front legs useless, is marching on relentlessly.  She spends most of her time asleep or getting cuddled.  She is starting to eat less and for us this is the big sign things are in decline, Hattie would normally devour a scabby donkey.  What a time this is when we have had to ring the vet to ask what we do when we feel the time is right to end her suffering.  The answer is we have to phone ahead and only one of us is allowed in with her.  In the interim, the steroids are now coming through the post.

Bella is also on drugs as she has something called Westie Lung.  Cause unknown, the ongoing scarring causes a lot of coughing.  But our Bella, our ridiculous, mischievous comical Bella is acting like she hasn’t a care in the world.  She has more energy than you can shake a stick at and is still madly curious and chopsy.  You don’t need to check the time, Bella will tell you when five o’clock tea-time comes, and so loudly!

Ripley is currently digging up birdseed under the tree having chucked her foxy loxy toy in the pond so no one else can get it.  Bella, my shadow is asleep under my chair, and dear Hattie, dear worldly-wise Hattie is happily dozing in the warmth.

Wishing you well, we are always here if you need a chat!

Ruth and Phil xx

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