Are Cairn Terriers good with cats and other pets? August 6, 2018 16:00 1 Comment

Are Cairn Terriers good with cats and other pets?


You will love this answer.  I can hereby, at the top of the page, definitely reply, without reservation, yes, no, maybe.  The instinct to hunt small prey is high in a Cairn. He was bred to hunt vermin; hence you will not have a mouse, squirrel or vole problem in your back garden. 

They WILL chase and they WILL dispatch what they catch.  So on the whole, small pets like hamsters, mice, rats, guinea pigs and birds will appear to be fair game and will need flak jackets and pith helmets to survive.  Not a good combination. 


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But wait!  Just when you think all hope for inter species peace is lost, meet Lottie and Captain.  Lottie will chase pigeons and squirrels, but Captain loves Lottie and Lottie loves Captain.  Who knew?

Lottie and Captain

I have also heard of Cairns who will lick and love hamsters and snuggle up to Guinea Pigs.  We have owned Cairns for over twenty -five years and with hand on heart will say such peaceful co-existing never happened in our house, I believe these are exceptions. 

Cairns can be bossy and scrappy but there can be a truce with cats.  If you can introduce them at an early stage, so much the better as you can observe any potential problems and step in between them.  Cats will swipe and hiss and overall a dog will learn what is what with them. 

Safe places for each animal are required as a haven in case the squabbles get too rough.  Try introducing new animals in neutral places so that the dog doesn’t feel like his territory is being invaded.

Strange or new animals may be a different story, and as your Cairn gets older he will probably because less tolerant of change.   

We hope this answers the question "Are Cairn Terriers good with cats and other pets?".

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