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Are there any famous Cairn terriers


Although they are all superstars in their owner’s eyes, some have hit the highlights a little harder than others!  There are 73 films featuring Cairn Terriers to a greater or lesser extent, what a box set that would make!  Weekend viewing sorted methinks!

Obviously top of the list is Toto from the Wizard of Oz, played by Terry the brindle Cairn who featured in a total of sixteen films, not all credited, including Bright Eyes starring Shirley Temple. At one point, Terry was earning more than many of her human actors. 


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Judy Garland tried to adopt Terry, especially after she spent two weeks recuperating from a fractured leg at the star’s home, but trainer Carl Spitz refused.  Poor Terry had been trodden on by one of the Winkie guards during filming.  It happens to the best of us.

Even Terry’s puppy Rommy made two film appearances, in Reap the Wild Wind 1942 and Air Force 1943.  Much more recently, Ruby the wheaten Cairn has starred alongside Colin Firth in Kingsman: The Golden Circle.  She was his childhood dog Pickles, and later in the film a Cairn Terrier puppy appears as his friends try and rekindle old memories, cue all Cairn lovers saying:  “Ahhhhhhhh” in unison!

British TV has enjoyed seeing Olga the rescue Cairn on Paul O’Grady show.  She followed after the death of Buster.  Paul’s own company is named after her, Olga TV!  Cairns may be little dogs but they make a huge impression.

In the Maximum Ride series written by James Patterson, Total the talking dog is a Cairn Terrier.   Check out the young adult fantasy section of your bookshop to enjoy that little character. This will come as no surprise to some Cairn owners whose dogs can be very chopsy indeed!

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