Can I buy my Cairn Terrier rawhide chews? November 8, 2018 17:52

Can I buy my Cairn Terrier rawhide chews?


The media has been practically hysterical about what they see as the imminent doggy health apocalypse caused by rawhide chews.  I was in a large pet chain store this week and was greeted by a huge and multi-coloured display, all of raw hide, fashioned into wreaths, bows, twisted candy sticks, little crackers, balls and cakes.  In fact, there were nearly fifty different rawhide products.  They looked great; they are in a widely trusted shop, so what is the problem?


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The problem is two fold.  Firstly, these chews are a by -product of the leather industry, they are basically leather chews. The process of getting the hide from its original state to a saleable product involves a lot of chemicals.  The treatments include hair stripping, washing, whitening, gluing, colouring and preserving.  So the first point of concern by some is that there is a potential risk of contamination or reaction to the chemicals involved.

Secondly, once the dog has chewed a lot, bits will break off and pose a choking hazard.  You will know there is a problem if your dog is gagging, trying to regurgitate, repeatedly swallowing, is vomiting, has a fever, maybe lack of energy, weight loss and refusal to eat.

I would suggest letting common sense prevail.  We all know to take broken, small bits of chews away and dispose of them.  I had to remove a length of tripe stick from a dog’s throat as she had tried swallowing too much.  Maybe we should try everything in moderation, or maybe, as some suggest, we should stick to organic raw bones and cow’s hooves.  Those are the points of debate, you decide!

In this house, tripe sticks and cow’s hooves rule, or try deer’s antlers and hard rubber toys or Kong’s filled with treats to satisfy the urge to chew.  However, we all know that very like children, whatever we buy for them, the box will always be preferable!

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