Can I take my Cairn Terrier abroad? July 30, 2018 16:23 1 Comment


Of course you can but there are strict rules and regulations which you must follow otherwise you could end up with a pet in quarantine for many months which you end up subsidising.

Different countries have different rules so check and double check the details some months before you travel.  DEFRA have a Pet Travel Scheme and are the best resource, here are some of the highlights, but you need to research their site for everything you need to know in full detail. 


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There are many things you must beware of which could affect your dog abroad including rabies, heartworm, Ehrlichiosis (Carried by ticks) Babesiosis and Leishmaniasis (carried by parasites).  It is vital to give your dog preventative treatment against mosquitoes, sand fly, ticks and tapeworm.

Your dog MUST be micro-chipped before having a rabies shot so that the vet can record the unique chip number on the dog’s passport.  The dog must have the rabies shot at least twenty-one days before travel.  If your dog is travelling INTO the UK from a country NOT listed on the Pet Travel Scheme he will need to submit a blood sample thirty days after the rabies vaccination and you must then wait three calendar months before travel.

Vets can issue pet passports, which remain valid as long as all requirements are met.  Only certain approved companies and routes can be used, sometimes a vet’s statement is required about a dog’s fitness to travel.  You will also need to make sure that you have an authorised pet travel carrier.

One to five days before returning to the UK you will need to visit the local vet for your dog to be checked, scanned and given tapeworm treatment.  The vet can then sign and date the passport.  On your actual day of travel, the travel company will scan and check chip and passport.

Having looked into this I cannot stress enough how important it is to research your own individual plans, and leave plenty of time to get everything in place.  See the DEFRA site for much more detailed information. 

Above all, have a fabulous holiday, and do make sure your dog knows his or her limits when it comes to how much alcohol and aftershave they can bring back.

Disclaimer: This post is written from a UK perspective, rules and regulations will vary from country to country.

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