Could your Cairn Terrier benefit from some energy healing? March 12, 2020 11:09 1 Comment

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Our friend Robyn Harris is an experienced practitioner in the field of wellbeing for people and animals. We thought it would be useful for you all to read what she does for dogs. Here are Robyn's words...

Energy healing in its many forms has become a very popular way for people to enjoy deep relaxation and enhanced wellbeing.  If you are an animal carer and have experienced this sense of peace for yourself, you might have wondered if your furry would benefit from some healing too.  The answer is a definite Yes!

Energy healing works with the life-force energy, enabling the body to fully relax, which in turn allows healing to take place on many levels.  This makes it a very powerful therapy – and it has no negative side effects.

Animals are particularly receptive to energy healing as they are generally very open and accepting, without the conditioned concerns that we humans often experience.


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I thought I’d share a case study as an example:

When I met Sampson, he was staying at Holly Hedge Rescue Sanctuary in Bristol.  He was very affectionate, coming over to lie on my foot, and outwardly looking quite relaxed, however his breathing was very fast (about 60 breaths per minute) and shallow and he was ‘huffing and puffing a lot.  Also, his muzzle, gums and nostrils were very pink.

As I sat quietly holding the space and offering him Reiki energy, he quickly settled down and closed his eyes.  I could see that he wasn’t completely relaxed however as his ears were up and forward on his head, wrinkling the skin on his forehead, and his breathing was still fast and shallow.

A few minutes passed and he began to show signs of relaxing.  He gave a big sigh and his ears settled to a more neutral position.  He appeared to have fallen asleep and even some barking from the other dogs outside didn’t disturb him.

After a while he rolled onto his side and I could see that his breathing had begun to slow down and was less noisy.  He was also twitching which can be a sign of going into a deep and releasing state.

After about half an hour, his breathing had slowed right down to about 25 breaths per minute and was almost inaudible.  As he slowly and gently woke up again I noticed that his muzzle was a more normal colour and the wrinkles on his forehead had disappeared.

This is just one of the therapeutic tools that I use with animals, all of which can be highly effective in supporting recovery from illness or injury and support for general wellbeing, particularly as the animal is getting older.

A recent client said this of Robyn:

"Very informative and we now understand how he was behaving and why.  We found the session very quiet and calm and he seemed calm and reacted well to you.

We were very happy with the care and attention he received and would definitely recommend Equenergy to others".

If you want to know more please contact Robyn directly at, via her website or by phone on +44 7980 669303. Please bear in mind that Robyn is UK based.

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