Do Cairn Terriers shed? June 16, 2018 15:40

Do Cairn Terriers Shed?

Yes, they do, but very little.  They are below average in the shedding stakes and above average in the bold, funny and stubborn stakes!  So yes, you will find some hairs on your jumper after a cuddling session, but you will definitely not be hoovering up excess fur every day.  The Cairn is a good option for those worried about allergic reactions.  I am allergic to many other dogs, so was wary at first, but met a friend’s Cairn and discovered to my utter delight that we could co-exist quite happily.  I would one hundred percent recommend that if allergies are a worry for you too, find a friendly Cairn owner and go visit their dog and home to see if you get any symptoms.

The Cairn has a double coat.  They have a harsh, weather resistant outer coat and a soft dense undercoat. The appearance is, well, shaggy!    The coat is ideal for the original work of the Cairn which was belting around Scottish cairns scenting out vermin, especially rats.

The wiry outer coat repels rain, and traditional clipping of such a coat can destroy its weather proofing properties.  So the purists will opt for hand-stripping, literally pulling out old hairs to be replaced by a fresh and vibrant coat.  The dogs generally tolerate this better than you would think.  However, some dogs will have none of that fuss, and for them, a good old clipping is fine, especially of you are not showing your dog or training him to chase vermin in the Highlands in frankly appalling weather.

All of our previous dogs have been clipped, it is easier and less time consuming however it can lead to more matting.  BUT the new puppy is getting stripped just to get a sense of what difference it makes.  It is early days but her coat is gorgeous, and it is very noticeable that hopping in and out of the paddling pool, a few quick shakes and she is dry!  She is a right little wriggler though, so watch this space to see how far we can go.

We hope this answers the question Do Cairn Terriers shed?

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