Do we humanise our Cairn Terriers too much? April 4, 2019 09:38 1 Comment

Do we humanise our Cairn Terriers too much?


The definition of anthropomorphism is  “the attribution of human traits, emotions or intentions to non human entities.  It is considered to be an innate tendency of human psychology.” 

So I think we can be excused from many of our observations because it is inbuilt, for example, “Look, the puppy is sad because you have her toy”, or “She is guilty about pinching your sandwich, she can’t look you in the face!”


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But I ask you do we go to far?  Do you think some people de-dog their animal too much?  I don’t just mean by dressing them in tutus and calling them Angela.  It is really easy to see why we cross the line sometimes because these dogs are our dependants so in that way very similar to children.  They have some similar emotions like fear and love, and of course intelligence.  They have a certain amount of understanding and an ability to learn. Here comes the BUT.  BUT comparing these attributes to human behaviour is doing a disservice to the dog.

That little “fur-baby” sitting on your lap as you read, or at your feet in the kitchen while you chat away to it, is a completely different species.  We are apes and they are canines.  We speak a very different language whilst theirs is almost exclusively body language. 

We are prone to scooping our pups up, cuddling and kissing them and being generally bothersome, and frankly, most dogs just tolerate that, it’s not how they would normally go about things!  I do it on a daily basis. 

Problems can occur when the ‘parent’ of a ‘fur baby’ totally loses sight of the fact that they are pack leader to their dog.  If they constantly regard their dog as a human baby, they may not be able to attend to all the actual needs of their dog.

Not sure this is a right or wrong scenario, pretty sure it is all about balance.  Hand up, I dance and sing to my dogs (mostly to blank stares), I grab them for kisses, which they put up with, and I coo at them, I actually coo.  What do you think?  Found an excellent quote. “They are not human, they are better than that.”

Ruth xx

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