Groans to Grins December 8, 2016 16:36

Christmas Shoe Box Cairn Terrier Collectibles

So it’s inoculation time and all is fun and games until we are two streets away.  Cue Bella whining and Hattie sulking.  We walk in and Bella acts like a frightened, trembling abandoned little mouse in the woods, and Hattie adopts the pose of a donkey, haunches flat down to the tiled floor and refusing to move.   

It’s a two person job as the normally joyous little bundles start acting like they are on the way to the guillotine. And of course it’s all our fault, we are the bad guys. That’s when we saw the poster.  There was plenty of time to read every inspired word on it as dragging Hattie to Consultation room 2 was a painfully slow job. 

“Bring in treats and toys, or pack a shoe box full of goodies and we will distribute them to every rescue centre animal we can reach.  Let’s bring some joy to an abandoned dog this Christmas”

What a fantastic idea which the vets are not limiting to dogs, it’s cats, hamsters, chickens or ferrets.  In fact, any rescue animal in need will get some present this year. 

Racing us out of the surgery Bella and Hattie are acting like tough guys having survived the jabs, and you will be delighted to know us humans are now immune to kennel cough as well because Bella sneezed droplets of the stuff everywhere.

Back home we have found a box and the collection has started.  The plan is to take it to our local animal rescue. 

Hattie and Bella will be spoilt rotten by Santa this year, despite their Oscar winning performances at the vets, and if we can make a small difference to a homeless dog, too, then we darn well will.  In go the treats, the balls, the toys, a bandana and the sincere hope that whichever pooch receives this box, gets the home they need in 2017.

R & P xx

p.s. Cairn Terrier Collectibles will of course be supporting the CTRF this year and next, but this initiative helps the those animals which are less fortunate than our Cairns.