“He has been waiting a long time.” June 22, 2017 18:30

Just back from a trip to an animal rescue center, we will be at their open day in July, needed to fill in the necessary paperwork, insurance, risk assessment, all the jolly stuff you know? The thing is I can’t leave those places without seeing the dogs, and it breaks my heart, every time. I walked along the row, setting the barky ones off and staying to murmur a few gentle words to the ones sitting in the corners of their kennels. Their background stories, stapled to the doors are sad. “Elderly owner passed away,” “Dogs not allowed in owners new accommodation”, and “Divorce in family, much loved dogs in need of a new home.”

 Dog in Kennels

The dog, which got me this time, was a Staffie, a big gentle lad with this bleak last sentence in the description of his life story so far. “He has been waiting a long time.”

Waiting a long time


None of the dogs here are here because they have been “bad. They haven’t bitten anyone, or terrorized anyone. They are the victims of cruel circumstance. I wish I could have swept them all up in my arms, bought a farm in West Wales, and given them all a home for the rest of their lives.

Dog in KennelsOur own dogs are rescues. They had been in the same family for eight years until the family broke up and six dogs needed rehoming. Can you imagine that? Eight years and then whisked away to a totally new environment. It must have been awful for the family and I really hope that one day they might know how loved these little rascals are and that everything turned out OK, it really did.

So yes we are all for adoption, and at least in this house there is also an element of not just us saving them but them saving us. We lost our seven-year-old dog to the cruelty which is cancer, and these little girls have helped to fill the huge gap he left.

Sorry to be gloomy, it’s just that the Staffie got to me. On the bright side, adoption works and works brilliantly! Fingers crossed I don’t see Mr. Staffie on my next visit.

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