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How do I groom my Cairn Terrier - Cairn Terrier Collectibles

First let’s kick off with the breed standard as set out by the Kennel Club in case you want to show your pup in the professional ring. The 1994 regulations are keen on legs covered with harsh hair and a tail well furnished but not feathery. The coat is very important because of its weather resistant properties. It must be double coated with profuse, harsh but not coarse outer coat and a short, soft and close undercoat. Open coats are objectionable, a slight wave is permissible. The American Kennel club also note they like “plenty of head furnishings and a cleanly trimmed outline.

If you do want to show, then you must get the pup hand stripped periodically. This involves plucking out the long dead hair to maintain and retain the texture and colour of the coat. It also keeps the waterproof double layers spruce.


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If you are not going to show the pup, then a good basic clipping is great. Be aware though, once you have started clipping, you can’t then revert to stripping because the quality of the fur changes.

Here’s the top advice on how often you should bath your dog. Whatever the books say, a normally water--‐loving pooch will suddenly develop a pathological hatred of the wet stuff and act as if you are trying to murder him. He will shake three seas worth of water over you if he get’s water on his face and he will leave the whole house damp and a bit uncomfortable in efforts to dry him off.

Unless they have rolled in fox poo or fallen in a stagnant pond, they really don’t need bathing more than three or four times a year. Bathing too much can strip the fur of its lovely natural oils.


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Our personal experience has been that in order to keep the house relatively hygienic and having dogs that love mud, swimming and rolling in fox poo and anything rotten, baths happen about once every six weeks. Otherwise just a sponging if we can get away with it. If you have a dog reluctant to endure the cleaning procedure, try smearing some dog--‐safe peanut butter on the shower wall, which the dog can lick off as you clean.

Good luck, and always have more towels on hand than you think you need, plus a change of clothes!

Ruth xx

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