How do I keep my Cairn Terrier cool? July 13, 2019 09:10

How do I keep my Cairn Terrier cool? - Cairn Terrier Collectibles


Option number one, give him a pair of sunglasses and teach him to say “Aaaaaaaay!” No-one beats The Fonz for cool!  Or, on a rather more sensible level, there are some other things to try which really need not cost a lot of money.

From personal experience, a cool mat is invaluable to offer as an option, especially in the car.  I use one for the puppy in her crate on the way to training.  They cool under the dog’s weight.  You can put them anywhere, on the sofa, bed, lounge, car boot or outside.  Little word of caution, don’t leave them in full sun.  They aren’t cool after that.

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We have bought an inexpensive rigid plastic kid’s paddling pool, it’s only two feet across but just right for endless games of throwing toys in for retrieval, splashing and sploshing.  Never again will I buy an inflatable pool.  We have replaced, ooh, around ten of them after being shredded.  You know that thing when they dig like crazy at reflections?  That! We also throw in ice cubes and frozen snacks like carrots.  Cracked ice can be sharp, so be a little careful, but the dogs cool down brilliantly with their little paws in the water chomping on the cold treats.

Create a space in the garden which acts as a cool den.  I have seen cool tents for sale, but really, as long as there is space under a table or a bush, that would be great too.

You could try wetting a bandana or tea towel and wrapping it around the neck and you can get cool suits which you drench in water and fasten on and they do a great job if you really have to be out in the hot sun with no other protections.

If a dog is suffering from heat stroke they need to be taken to the vet’s.  It is vital not to force water into their mouths, just let them have sips.  Put them in a cool place with a wet towel over them until they can get medical attention.  Cooling them down too quickly can be as dangerous as them over heating, so never plunge them into a cold pool. 

Hope this helps

Ruth x

Oh and don't walk them on hot pavements! If you are taking your Cairn out on a warm day please remember that paw wax helps little paws in the warm as well as the cold...

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