How much exercise do Cairn Terriers need? July 09, 2018 15:09

The quick answer is an average amount.  Delving deeper and being a little more helpful you need to know that as a breed this is a fairly high energy and active dog.  He/she has been bred as a hunter of critters so will sniff and run and search until the cows come home or the critters are subdued!  Problems will store up if that energy doesn’t get a release.  A bored and under-walked Cairn is not a happy one and you will get to know about it sooner rather than later.

The guidelines for an adult Cairn are about an hour of exercise per day.  That includes walks on and off the lead and general play.


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The guidelines for puppies are no more than five minutes walk per month of life.  So that will be half an hour at six months.  Now, as the owner of a pup that doesn’t seem very much, however thinking about the amount of time she spends flying off the furniture, zooming round the garden and battling with anything which dares to move, it makes sense.  She expends so much energy in the back garden that she doesn’t need much more outside.  The reasoning here is that too much exercise as a youngster puts too much strain on young and developing joints which mounts up to big problems in later life.

Cairn Terriers are game and hardy and actually will keep going as long as you do.  They will walk a lot longer than an hour; they will conquer mountains and probably traverse any terrain you ask them to as long as they are at your side (and if there are snacks).  Ultimately it is up to you to be the boss and call time when enough is enough.  As I write, the puppy is happily digging up the base of the paddling pool having already eaten half of her bed and hunted down (without success) every pigeon she can see.  The old girls, the wise girls, are on their cool mats, just chilling.

We hope that answers your question "How much exercise do Cairn Terriers need?"

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