How to stop a Cairn Terrier puppy from biting January 26, 2021 14:48 1 Comment

How to stop a Cairn Terrier puppy from biting - Cairn Terrier Collectibles

Help!  My puppy won’t stop biting!

Don’t worry, it’s natural and they all do it to a greater or lesser extent.  If you watch a litter of puppies at play you will see them nipping and rolling and chasing and nipping all over again.  It’s classic learning about life through play.  If a bite is too hard there are squeals and the biter backs off, he has learned that his bite is not acceptable for happy play.

The worst of the biting is in the first six months, or until the puppy teeth (which are the sharpest by far) are replaced by adult teeth. Like children teething, their gums are itchy and they need something to chew on to help the process.


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Our Ripley was a massive biter and it took almost two years for her to stop completely.  We tried yelping, pressing her lip against her gum and substituting toys for our hands but I will be honest, she was relentless.  Our hands were constantly shredded and it made it a little more difficult to bond with her.  All is more than good now, so don’t despair.  On reflection I think being firmer in our shouts and using the crate for more time outs may have helped. 

Now we have little Beetle and he is much less of a biter.  He responds very quickly to shouts of “No!” and is more likely to just gently nibble for a bit of comfort.  Phil’s arms are still a mess and the Sudocrem pot needs refilling twice a day but Phil will admit that is mostly his own fault for instigating the play fighting.  Beetle also bites Ripley. She tolerates a certain amount and then corrects him in her own inimitable way!

Other things that will help are making sure they have a balanced day.  Make sure they have rest times, play times and food times as well as exercise times.  Pups who are bored or over tired can get stroppy and more nippy than normal.

Children in particular find it hard when their adorable pup nips them, but assure them it is a stage and will pass.  If it’s getting too much, withdraw hands and feet and don’t give pup any more attention until he is calm.  Draw up the rules of play and stick to them.  Hang on in there!

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