How we select our products September 8, 2016 19:06

Cairn Terrier Collectibles Friends

Here at Cairn Terrier Collectibles we put a lot of time and effort into selecting the products that you see on our site. What you don’t know is how we do it. You may think that we wake up in the morning with little lightbulbs going off screaming “Nail art, we must have nail art”, or that our Cairns whisper to us in the night “Christmas pudding dog jumpers please”. All of this is true of course, but we also have a secret weapon.

Step up the Cairn Terrier Advisors, a secret group of Cairn owners and lovers who vet and challenge our ideas. This lovely group help us decide if Christmas items appear in July or October. They tell us what part of the market we should be aiming for “Too Twee” they cry, “An elephant?” or “The ones on the left, much more classy”. Each week we post some ideas to the group and they come back to us with opinions, not too much of course for these folk are volunteers.

In other industries this is called Market Research or Focus Group Testing. To us we call it talking with our friends and we are very grateful for it.

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