I had an Idea! June 8, 2017 19:00

This week the creative urge struck, and struck hard. I had a vision of beautiful and gorgeous things, and then lots of buying of highly important “stuff” happened. The room, which we laughingly call the spare bedroom, is now a blitz of beads and silver stems and more, shinier beads and shiny jars to store more shiny things in and specially bought tools to work on THE VISION. My fingers creep back and forward to the keyboard, it turns out that bead buying is a bug, some might say, obsession. It’s similar to the fabric -buying obsession I may or may not also have.

                                        Shiny Beads Cairn Terrier Collectibles

Phil is frequently to be heard spluttering “But what are you going to DO with it?” This could refer to a weird shaped piece of driftwood, or a sack of patchwork scraps or even bits of broken china plate. He simply doesn’t see THE VISION as I do.   You simply never know when a special project will call for these simply DIVINE bits and bobs, these HEAVENLY pieces of sublime ephemera, if you will. “Or Junk” he mutters.

 Glass Pots

Importantly, planning is kept to a minimum and a passionate surge of sticking, gluing, snipping, shaping, threading, sewing, swearing and simply DOING is at the fore. The dogs will scarper if the stapler, the hammer or the “glue, which sticks any substance known, to man to any other substance known to man” comes out. They are not stupid.                                             

Even more fabric

Phil always knows when sewing is occurring, both dogs potter around the house draped in cotton scraps and fabric swatches. They will INSIST on sitting under my legs as I sew. It’s all good until one of them falls asleep on the treadle and accidentally sets the sewing machine off on its own. They are getting used to the process now, and will sit with an air of “oh do it if you must” when new jumpers need fitting or fabulous new fabrics need testing against their fur colour.

So creation has occurred and my fingers are a bit sore, and the carpet may never recover, but boy, that was fun. Come on, it’s not just me is it? The fabric? The beads? The “Don’t throw that away I could MAKE something with it!” thing?

Here’s a little teaser alert.

Brooch Tangle

Meanwhile, have you discovered this fantastic, very classy silver range yet?