“I Wish I Could fly, Right up to the Sky, but I Can’t.” April 13, 2017 18:30


Bella really took the great Orville’s words to heart a few weeks ago, when she jumped off a very high thing and did actually fly rather well. It was the landing that proved problematic. A Sixteen hundred pound vet fee of problematic. Bella had managed to rupture her ligament, and showed off a bit with added damage to the medial meniscus. Dr Google confirmed this was indeed an actual thing. Everything was ok, a plan of action implemented following x-rays and then the booking in day when the vet nurse did that talk which of course they have to, describing the risk, every so small, but risk nevertheless, of not coming out of the anaesthetic. I think it was then the awful thoughts of a bad outcome jumped to the fore, which was more than Bella could.

To take our mind off things, Hattie and I walked and walked and decided life was beautiful, but that walking without our jewel of a pal was simply not right.   I wished I could have explained in a way she could have understood what was going on, instead, all I could think about was that little trembling body sitting like a pathetic puddle on the floor and straining to get to us as we left and the nurse led her away.

Long story short, it went OK. She was woozey but she had come through. Massive relief all round. When we turned up to get her, she didn’t know us, and even turned round to go back to the comfort of her vet bed. It didn’t matter, all was now right with the world, and despite the fact we now have another six weeks of recuperation to go, the signs look good.

It never gets any easier, dealing with illness or injury, and our depth of unrest and fear for her shocked us both. It shouldn’t have. We love these little critters and that’s why it knocks us so hard. If you are going though the same thing, we understand and sincerely hope all goes well.

Meanwhile there’s a different song playing on the radio, “Jump” by Van Halen. Bella, don’t you even think about it.

Spotlight this week is on some wonderful memory catchers, some rather more eclectic than others, but we love them all.