Jemma and Daisy's story December 22, 2016 16:26 3 Comments

Daisy had had one heck of a year and then this happened.

Jemma: “These are the wounds inflicted by a Doberman, which was off the lead and out of control.

Daisy injured by a Doberman

Sadly, this is not the first attack that poor Daisy has endured.  Whilst walking around the local pond another dog walker suddenly shouted across to lift her up out of the way, but in the blink of an eye, Daisy’s head was in the mouth of an English Bull terrier. I thought she was dead on the spot.  It took three people to get the terrier off Daisy leaving both Daisy and I utterly traumatised.

Daisy is well known in my town as she goes to work with my mum and is a star attraction sitting in the shop window and has also has been in local newspapers advertising for the shop. She's got a heart of gold however she is still trying to build her confidence up around other dogs; the same goes for my mum and myself.”

Oh boy we really feel for all three of you and are so relieved and delighted that Daisy is such a survivor.  One of ours was pinned to the ground by his throat by a greyhound, all was well in the end, but it was horrible none the less.  We mention the breed that attacked ours in the full knowledge that these attacks are NOT breed specific.  Any dog can give some grief if it has a mind to and isn’t controlled.

We hope that whoever it was who was walking the other dogs is fully aware that they can be prosecuted for being in charge of an out of control animal.  Or at very least they have the decency to learn from their mistake and keep their animal restrained.

Daisy, we salute you, and we are confident that in good time you and Mum and Gran will be right as rain.


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