Love in a Cairn Terrier Memory box January 28, 2019 19:34

Love in a Cairn Terrier Memory box

A few years ago we decided to start selling memory boxes, for when our customers’ lovely pets and companions passed over the Rainbow Bridge. We realised that there are lots of modern boxes available which suit some people. However, for us we wanted something that felt like it had aged as our pets had.

We got Woody and Homer at 8 weeks old, Woody passed at 14. Homer, who we thought would follow his brother quite quickly, got a new lease of life and went on to a very respectable 16. After a brief pause we got Gizmo, a single boy who was 12 weeks old on arrival. We had every expectation that he would live a very long life. Sadly this was not to be and cancer claimed him at just 7, it was little more than a week from diagnosis to gone.

We needed somewhere to put their stuff! It felt befitting that after 24 years of being owned by these guys, that the resting place for their precious things should be an old  and loved box. So we found this one:

Memory Box

We took the box, fixed the hinges, waxed, polished, stencilled it and felted the bottom so it would not scratch surfaces. We then filled it with our most precious memories of the troublesome threesome. It contains Pedigree certificates, medical records, favourite balls and toys, leads, collars and dog tags. It even has small locks of their fur to remind us of their colours. It is now one of our most precious things.

We felt very strongly that this approach would resonate with our fellow pet owners and this has proven correct. Our new-old boxes now come in a variety of sizes and shapes, all lovingly restored, but imperfect as only something old can be. For some we have appliquéd old breed show results on the inside to give added breed celebration. Here is an example:

Inside Memory box

We sometimes find it difficult to market memory boxes - how do you talk with someone who has lost a dear friend after many years? What we want to do is to tell them “We know”, “We have been there and will be there again”.

We want you to know that a great deal of care goes into the memory boxes that we provide, the same amount of care that goes into what we do for ourselves and the dogs that we have lost. We do have some modern boxes, but most are old, and filled with love.

If we can help please let us know, and here is a link if you wish to see some of our boxes.

Link to Memory boxes

Phil and Ruth


Johnny Muttley Ltd

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