Monty with the Wandering Eye, and other Idle Ramblings. May 11, 2017 19:00

 Here’s what’s been happening in this little part of the world. Bella is still incarcerated with no time off for good behaviour. You may have heard that she ruptured her cruciate ligament, which required a re-shaping of her tibia, which meant crate rest for two months. Thankfully we are nearly there. The first few weeks were easy, she didn’t want to move at all, but now she is feeling loads better and looks keen enough to climb Everest so she is getting frustrated with being stuck in prison.

                Bella Wrapped in CariganBella in Prison Cage

We didn’t realise that part of our problem with convalescing would be keeping Hattie OUT of the crate while Bella rested IN it. Not that Hattie feels lonely or anything, oh no, she just loves the den. She refused to get out on one occasion even with bribes. I resorted to turning her on her back inside the crate and pulling her out in the same position. She remained that way with all four legs sticking up in the air, on the kitchen floor for ten minutes, in defiance.

Hattie upside down 

With Bella in clink, Hattie and I met up with Aunty Ray and her sweet dog Monty at the local boating lake. Monty has got a curious wandering eye and is currently doing a very good impression of Clarence the Cross Eyed Lion. Having checked Monty wasn’t harbouring sausages Hattie decided she would let Monty trot along with us.

Monty with the Wandering eye. 

Aunty Ray and I got to talking about when you know it is THAT time with your dog. You see we met a bloke with a disabled dog in a wheel chair contraption. He was gently pulling the rig, which had four wheels and completely supported the animal in a sling under its body. None of the dog’s paws could bear any weight, so they just feathered the ground. He explained the dog was suffering with arthritis and this was the only way he could take it outside. I am making no judgment call here. That gent has his own story and his own decision to make and that is between him his dog and his vet. He is an amazing example of someone going above and beyond the call of duty to care for his animal.   

When is it time to say goodbye? I think it’s when you have done all you can do and there is only pain left. The last gift for your dog is to end its suffering. There’s this look our last dogs gave us near the end, a lingering gaze. That was the time for us in past years.

Meanwhile, in order to snap us out of our mournful thoughts, Hattie found a half dead worm and was flicking it in the air then rolling on it. Monty was looking at Aunty Ray in some bewilderment. Well, I think he was, but that wandering eye is deceiving. Monty howls when he is outside and bewildered. We attracted a lot of attention, then we went home.

Even Monty likes these and he's not even a Cairn!