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Please do the research


I am horrified by what gets thrown up on my time-line.  You will have seen similar things, being a dog lover. I expect you follow similar pages.  I love the rescue pages, the dog walker’s sites and the groups who exchange stories and experiences of life with their dogs.  They are uplifting, useful and often very funny.  However the same cannot be said of the following posts which make my blood boil.

“I have just had a new baby and can’t cope with that and the dog, the dog needs gone.”

“My landlord says I can’t keep my dog anymore, it’s written in the contract.”

“My dog is so needy, wants all my attention, I work full time so can anyone take him off my hands?”


If you are interested in owning a Cairn Terrier as a family pet, here are some articles that you may find useful:

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It beggars belief really.  What did these people think life was going to be like with a dog?  If you are moving into new accommodation, wouldn’t that be top priority to ask about provision for your animal?  Planning on a new baby, which is lovely, wouldn’t you give serious thought to how that would change everything? 

Things go wrong and circumstances change, but why put your dog on sale on line to people you do not know?  There are dog fighters out there who will scoop the family pet up and use it as bait in an instant.  There are breeders out there who wont ask questions about inherited health issues and will use the dog to breed future generations of unhealthy animals.  If they really need to, why don’t they take their dog to a rescue? 

Forgive the ranting; I just hate to see innocent animals suffer because of the ignorance and laziness of some folk.  A particular favourite of mine was a lady I met at dog training.  She had a lovely, energetic dog and a six-year-old son.  Nothing wrong with the dog, he was an exuberant puppy, but the dog was being sold on.  The reason?  The dog was “too bouncy” and had once knocked the child over.  I have no words.  I often wonder where that particular dog ended up.

Please do your research about individual breeds before acquiring one!

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