Quiet resolutions and maybe a puppy? January 11, 2018 18:30

How long does it take to get back into the swing of work? At this rate it will be August and we still won’t know what day it is. Even when we decide on the day, knowing when the recycling goes out, considering the bank holiday and the weekend. Chaos. Nevertheless, it’s been great fun.

Our little Bella who is recovering from her second cruciate ligament operation in eight months is doing brilliantly. Though not able to go on walks or get over excited and do any jumping up (yeah I know, what a laugh eh?) spent Christmas day stealing all the new toys and nosing blankets over them to hide them in her basket. She was like a little funnel spider, biding her time then darting out of the basket and “whoosh!” what new toys? Poor Hattie who really loved the crinkly bee couldn’t get a look in, so consoled herself with leftovers from the food table, she wasn’t disappointed!

Grandma was shocked, but soon came round to the unusual tree, come on, who doesn’t love Star Wars?! And our brand new stained glass Cairn decoration looked just great on the mirror in the hall.

So did we all make resolutions? Bah fooey to that, though it would be great to climb more mountains, lose weight, be nicer to other motorists, and maybe get a new puppy? Bella and Hattie are twelve this year, and the time would seem right. Watch this space, I mean, who needs carpets anyway?

Stained Glass Cairn Cairn Terrier CollectiblesBella under wraps Cairn Terrier collectibles

So, 2018 bring it on. Plans are afoot for some amazing new partnerships and delightful new stockists. Tickets are booked for Crufts and the Spring Gift Fair in Birmingham, and a load of agricultural shows (polishing wellies as we speak). The sun is getting stronger and I even saw some daffodils starting to poke through on this morning’s walk. Thank you so much for supporting us throughout 2017, whether you made orders, or commented on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds, your company makes it all worthwhile.

I have dismantled Darth, but you can still get loads of other treats to light up these dark days.. maybe start here?