Ripley's Tail - Back in lockdown January 14, 2021 16:31


Ripley's Tail - Back in lockdown - Cairn Terrier Collectibles


Dog Date: 14th January 2021

General Sitch: Back in lockdown

Specific Sitch: Intermittent zoomies and toofy battles

I am part Cairn Terrier, part prisoner in my own home. This is my tail.

Well we are back in lockdown. Just before Christmas I reported that my Hu-Sis and Hu-Bro were coming home for five days over Christmas. Then I was told only one of them would be allowed to come. Then it was only one of them for just one day. In the end they spent Christmas together in the land of elsewhere and we didn’t see them at all. They still have not met Beetle. If I ever meet this Covid-19 person I am seriously going to chomp his bum! No fair.

Now to compare and contrast. Me in the morning: “Leave me alone, grrr.” Beetle in the morning: “Mummy-Daddy-Ripley, Mummy-Daddy-Ripley, Ripley, Ripley, Ripley, fight me, play with me, where’s breakfast, fight me, play with me, Mummy-Daddy-Ripley, zzzzzzzzzzzzz.” Beetle also does the things that the Humins like. He licks them, he cuddles them, he curls up on them. Way too cute if you ask me. Go on ask me…

I am on my after Christmas slim-down, getting ready to wear my furry dogkini when the weather is better and am eating a little less. Beetle is eating everything and still getting bigger. This is my artist’s impression of our relative sizes now…

Poor hungry tiny Ripley

My only worry with him is that, although he is beginning to lose those oh-too-sharp puppy teeth, other things are growing and he may be about to enter the humpy-humpy phase. Not going to happen Kid, I will severely grrrr you!

In other news, there are new people in our village who have a Border Terrier. His name is Bertie, or Bernie, or Flat-packed-furniture, or something. We have sniffed. Beetle crawled towards him wagging, which was most undignified but the Border was unmoved. He didn’t say a lot but seems ok so we will see how we go.

Life here is a bit dull this month. I want to go to the beach. I want to climb mountains. I want to run and run and run. Bit difficult this month with the lockdown so I will settle for zoomies around the garden with Beetle and see if it is possible to nudge him into the pond!

zoom-zoom, pout-pout, pose-pose, vogue

Ripley xx

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