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Ripley's Tail - Beetle Speaks - Cairn Terrier Collectibles


Dog Date: 19th April 2021

General Sitch: Hassled

Specific Sitch: Feeling a bit like the kid is taking over my entire life.

I am part Cairn Terrier, part big sis, part tired girl. This is my tail.

You all asked for it! Last month I checked with you if you would like to hear a little from Beetle and you answered with a resounding yes! As he follows me around all of the time anyway, I guess he should appear here. So here is Beetle, in his own words. He is still only little so doesn't have perfect diction like what I do...

"My name is Beetle and I wants to be just like my sister what I loves. I kinda know that her name is Ripley but can't pwonounce it yet so to me it is WipWee. In the morning time I wakes up and shouts 'Mummy-Daddy-WipWee, Mummy-Daddy-WipWee' and those are the words what come out of my little mouth quite a lot.

My world is mainly the liitle village in which we live. It is not a squillion miles from the Welsh-English border, in fact not really a squillion miles from anywhere. We do lots of walks around the village and go off lead quite a lot. I follow WipWee everywhere and we do run and run.It is wery important to get lots of cuddles from Mummy and Daddy, but mainly my day involves jumping on WipWee and having TOOFY BATTLES. Sometimes I accidentally on purpose do jump on the wrong end of her and she does bite my face, which is fairy nuff. Oh and there is barking (sorry, not sorry). As my big boy voice is getting better there is howling - yay - especially at wery threatening fings like the fence or unexpected plant pots.

Yesterday we went to a place called Brizzle and I did meet my hu-sis and hu-bro. Thems very nice and they have a big garden to run around in. To say thank you I did three poos, three I tell you. We did some cuddling, but mainly there was WipWee play. Bit tired now.

WipWee says enuff now and so I'm going to go outside and pwactiss. This week I am going to learn how to cock my leg on the ferny things without falling in the pond. Laters alligators (are they in the pond?) Beetle xxxx mwhah."


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_______________________________________________________________________ welcome to the world of madness that is my little bruv. We think he is quite entertaining in a scruffy-brat-minion kind of way. This week he is being taken by Mummy-my-Mummy-xxx ™ to Aunty Dawn to be hand-stripped. Daddy-my-Daddy-xxx ™ and I are staying home for half a day of blissful silence. Also biscuits, there must be biscuits, mmmmm biscuits.

Take care out there, and bite the baddies when you meet them,

Run-run, facebite-facebite, snack-snack, hide

Ripley xx

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