Ripley's Tail - Dogmore-by-Sea May 30, 2021 10:57 1 Comment

Ripley's Tail May 2021 - Dogmore-by-Sea

Dog Date: 30th May 2021

General Sitch: damp

Specific sitch: In recovery

I am part Cairn Terrier, part ruler of the western world, part napping expert. This is my tail.

This week the humins decided it was time to introduce Beetle to the beach. He thought they said bitch and was quite beside himself. They loaded us up with towels and toys and snacks and took us on a journey to one of my favourite places, Dogmore-by-Sea near the town of Paw-thcawl.

We walked down the scenic undulating slopes (dragged the humins down the hill) from the car park, across the pebble part of the beach towards the sand and the waves. At this point they decided to let us loose. Off-lead the kid is a maniac. He really is very, very busy. He is into everything, and everything must be peed on! That said, the last time I was here was with Bella and Hattie. All Bella wanted to do was dive into the waves and swim, and all Hattie wanted to do was wander off. So having Beetle around was good fun.

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We played CHARGE and RETREAT - we charged down the slipway at the waves going down the slope, and then ran away when they chased us back up. We played STICK (a lot) and quite liked the tasted of driftwwod. Oh how we GALLOPED, with our noses in the salty water. And we did SCRAMBLE and CLIMB over rock formations in search of sea sausages (well if they have sea cucumburgers why not sausages?).

It was all v.nice because it wasn't very sunny but it was warm. The water was quite good so we didn't freeze our little bits and pieces off!

Then we had to go home, boooo. The humins looked windswept but not interesting. Beetle and I were undisturbed in the back of the car, sleeping, twitching and emitting humongous salty pongs. We were no trouble for the rest of the day. We just love Dogmore-by-Sea.

In other news I am thinking of organising a get-together for any Cairns who live in Wales. Now that would be fun, what do you think?

Sea you later (see what I did there?)

Nap-nap, pong-pong, nap-nap-again

Ripley xx

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