Ripley's Tail - Frankly exhausted December 15, 2020 12:06

Ripley's Tail Dec 2020 - Frankly exhausted


Dog Date: 15th December 2020

General Sitch: Frankly exhausted

Specific Sitch: Asleep on a table to avoid Beetle

I am part Cairn Terrier, part melded with the duvet, part hounded and chased and bitten. This is my tail.

It has been a fun few weeks since we last spoke, and I can report that all is not calm in our household. My little brother has huge paws and appears to be doubling in size every 20 minutes. He is going to be the size of a horse. I can tell you that he is not taking his Minion role very seriously and is rubbish as a sidekick because he wants to be in charge. He is still not quite quick enough to catch me when I really want to escape and although he bites my face a lot, I have a weight advantage and can sit on him. Take that kid!

We do get along very well and now will even have a little kip on the sofa together, until he sniffs my bum and I do grrr him!


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This week was my Birthday and I became three years old. Not just me you understand but also the sibs, Whisky, Sherry and Fizz still live with Momma Rita and the others are in that place known as ‘elsewhere’. Three years, wow. I am such a grown up girl. I hardly ever bite Daddy-my-Daddy-xxx ™ anymore, even though he deserves it for rolling me onto my back and doing PushMe-PullMe and generally messing me about. For my Birthday I got nice food, a long off-lead walk without you-know-who and a new squeaky rabbit (which got pinched by Shorty immediately). Here we are together on the big day.

Ripley and Beetle on Ripley's 3rd Birthday

Are you ready for Chrissymouse? We are nowhere near. We have had to have a smaller tree this year on a table to avoid the Beetle factor. Nothing can hang that might fall as a small bolt of furry lightning would catch it before it hits the ground. We have presents and finally are able to plan who can come to our house. That is us plus Hu-Sis and Hu-Bro but no-one else, oh no. I do love Hu-Sis and Hu-Bro - they play different games with me, and snuggle and fight and bring me stuff. Mummy-my-Mummy-xxx ™ is soooooo pleased. They are only allowed home for five days which is a bit sad but at least we will see them and there will be much food and wrapping paper to chew. Beetle has not yet met them so I think he will be stuck to their heads for a while on Day 1.

I rather like that Lily Allen Chrissymouse song ‘Somewhere only we know’ This is mainly ‘cos there are rabbits in the video and as you know, I do like a rabbit.

Here are my Chrissymouse shopping rules:

  1. You can buy me nice cards and send them to the usual address,
  2. Buy lots of food, and drink (if human you will need your own bodyweight in something called Baileys)
  3. Buy stuff for your Cairns, preferably with squeaks in it,
  4. Do not eat Reindeer poop, it is filled with the remains of mince pies and is not good for Cairns,
  5. Be kind to everyone except people not wearing masks, grrr at them, and
  6. Never give a gun to a duck, I did once and regretted it.

There may be another blog before the end of the year to share our Xmas pics, but do all have a lovely time and tell us all about it in the comments

Run-run, chase-chase, rabbit-rabbit, rest

Ripley xx

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