Ripley's Tail - Mud February 19, 2021 15:56

Ripley's Tail - Mud - Cairn Terrier Collectibles


Dog Date: 19th February 2021

General Sitch: Wet and muddy

Specific Sitch: With added mud

I am part Cairn Terrier, part duck and part stranded on the muddy riverbank of life. This is my tail.

We live in the land of Welsh Wales. They say that when the sun shines here it is God’s own country. However it is the other 361 days a year that we worry about. The clouds cut the tops off the hills and the rain starts. It is like being trapped in a box of grey water. That said, as a Cairn Terrier I proudly go where less rufty-tufty breeds won’t go. I love streams that overflow, and flooded fields and mud. I really, really love mud.

What can be better than having a brown tide mark around oneself, about mid flank and chest  with everything above the line pristine (if a bit damp) and everything below, including all of one's little bits and pieces, just brown?



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Some facts about mud that this Cairn suggests you should know:

- Playing in mud will make you happier. Scientific folk reckon that it contains a micro-organism that releases serotonin. As far as I can tell this acts like sausages and makes you happy.

- If you are too hot, have a roll in mud like what pigs and hefalumps do. It will cool you down. That is why we are so cool in Wales (see what I did there?).

- Houses built out of mud in China can last for hundreds of years. This is why Beetle is currently trying to dig his way through the garden to find and visit Chinese Cairns.

On that subject, I can tell you that the puppy is now the size of a Stegosaurus and still growing. He can jump, he can run, he corners like a Formula 1 car and he’s cute.  On the plus side, anything I try to teach him is taken on board and usually taken a step too far. I run in mud, he slides in it. I dig in mud, he eats it. I drink from the water-filled Cairn-dug holes in the garden, he falls in them. Got to love it when a plan comes together.

Next week we both go for grooming. It will be the first time that Beetle has seen aunty Dawn since he came to live here. He might just get so excited that he pees everywhere! We are also hoping to see his bruv Stanley who live quite near. ’Tis going to be an interesting week!

Anyhow, got to go. Mum has got the Mud Daddy out so we are going to get our muddy bits rinsed off. What a time to be alive…

wallow-wallow, roll-roll, blow bubbles, snort

Ripley xx

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