Ripley's Tail - Wings and Things October 6, 2020 15:41

Ripley's Tail - Wings and Things - Cairn Terrier Collectibles

Dog Date: 6th October 2020

General Sitch: Happy and I know it clappin’ my paws

Specific Sitch: Looking forward to what is about to happen whilst being a bit apprehensive about what is about to happen, whilst havin’ a kip and dreaming about what is about to happen.

I am part Cairn Terrier, part future big sister. Bring me that puppy! This is my tail.

I miss the old girls and think that everybody else does too. I miss Hattie dancing round in circles barking when it is tea-time. I miss Bella hurling herself at the front door when the Postman comes. I miss jumping all over both of them at top speed and them chomping me. Happy Days. However, soon my life will change and I will know how they felt when I arrived. This Cairn is a little bit anxious. I mean, I am confident that when Puppy MacPup-face arrives I am big enough and fast enough to get the best of him. It’s the sneaking up and chomping my bum with razor sharp Velociraptor puppy teeth that worries me slightly. When I say “Bite my furry butt” to the world I don’t actually expect anybody to do it.

That said I will have a chum. I will have a sidekick. I will be Bat-Cairn-Babe and he will be Robin-Cairn-Minion. We will run across the plains of Central Asia together and eat Yak, or something like that. Mummy-my-Mummy-xxx ™ has already picked a name for him but I am not allowed to share it. It is pretty cool though. Daddy-my-Daddy-xxx ™ says it might change when we meet him; Mummy-my-Mummy-xxx ™ says no and some other WORDS that I don’t understand.


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It has been a bit of an odd month here. Christmas shop preparation has been occurring. That means lots of time for me lying around while they spend time on the computers getting STUFF done. What exactly is STUFF? Because if STUFF carries on much longer I will chomp it. I have had lots of local walks, up hills, through streams, chasing stick, chasing squizzles, chasing invisible critters, I have even started chasing Daddy-my-Daddy-xxx ™ , the look on his face when I run at him and fly through the air towards him is priceless! If this Cairn had wings can you imagine what critters I could reach.

Squirrel Cairn Wings

They have also rented a big plot of land near to our garden. I can’t really go in it yet as they have been clearing and bonfiring, and are waiting for someone to put in a gate. When this is done the intention is to grow vegetables (yum), herbs (yuk) and pretty flowers (whatever). Most importantly me and Robin-Cairn-Minion will have somewhere new to dig in and do zoomies in. I have a vision of running around in circles with all of the plants we have pulled up. They will love it!

So wish me luck pretty please. Sidekick kid is probably still 5-6 weeks away, and I am going to get as much undisturbed kip in as possible before then.

Boff-boff, snore-snore, run-run, fly

Ripley xx

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