Ruby at Crufts and the Obreedience Team! March 16, 2017 17:30

One of the highlights for the Cairn Terrier Collectible’s team at Crufts this year was meeting Ruby. You will know her from the stunning new cards in our shop. Ruby’s picture was selected by artist Jo Scott from our shortlist and has become the wheaten face of loveliness, alongside Roxy who won through for the black Cairns.


Fame has not gone to Ruby’s head. When we met she was chilled. Super chilled. Asleep actually. Which was just as well because she was about to be part of the Cairntastic Obreedience team. (No, we hadn’t either!) As the team around her hustled and bustled pulling on their special t-shirts and unfurling the banners, Ruby remained calm. The Obreedience competition involves teams of four of the same breed who walk, sit and generally do what they are asked, in harmony with their owners and teammates.

Cairntastic banner Cairn terrier Collectibles

The Cairns had stiff opposition from Collies, Manchester terriers, Petit Pyreneans and Cavaliers to name but a few. The audience were on the edges of their seats, cheering on every twist and turn. The team made a brilliant showing, challenged just a little early on when Cairn Dottie, who can perform perfectly… normally, decided to take walking to heel a bit too literally by hanging off her handlers trouser bottoms and tugging away at them as the team forged forwards. The Cairn team remained calm and professional carrying on stoically and eventually coming fourth in a strong field.


Then we discovered that Ruby, not content with being Jo Scott’s muse, is also appearing on the big screen with Colin Firth later this year! However, we may not recognise her as the part called for a brown dog, so lovely blond Ruby spent two hours in make-up every morning for a week to film her special scenes. She was ‘made-up’ by the same lady who worked on the amazing stage show ‘War Horse’. So if you can, look out for Kingsman 2, The Golden Circle this September, and pay particular attention to Mr Pickle.

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