Should I vaccinate my Cairn Terrier? October 16, 2018 15:18 2 Comments

Should I vaccinate my Cairn Terrier?


The top six reasons to immunize are as follows.

  1. Parvovirus, which attacks the intestinal lining creating vomiting, severe diarrhoea and lethargy.  Puppies are particularly susceptible and at risk of dying from dehydration or secondary infections.  There is no cure.  Once contracted there is a 90 percent risk of death.
  2. Canine Distemper, which attacks the digestive, urinary, respiratory and nervous systems.  Outbreaks in the UK are actually rare, but it is highly contagious and common in the rest of Europe.  There is no cure, and in fifty percent of case, proves fatal.
  3. Infectious Canine Hepatitis attacks the liver, kidneys, eyes and blood vessel linings.  There is no cure; all a medic can do is manage symptoms.
  4. Leptospirosis
  5. Rabies
  6. Kennel Cough.

Out of all of the above, kennel Cough is the least troublesome, it is very unpleasant but not fatal, and Rabies is not something the UK has to deal with, unlike the rest of Europe, so immunization is vital, and indeed a legal requirement if you are travelling abroad with your pet.


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Reputable breeders will give pups their first vaccinations at eight weeks, and their second lot 2 to 4 weeks later.  It is only two weeks later again than the pups are considered to be safe to socialize.

Yes, we all know someone who has never had their dog protected and the dog has lived to the age of eighteen having been in rude health all those years.  However, the risk of contracting a deadly disease and spreading it is high.

There are also people who refuse to give their dogs booster vaccinations yearly, or three yearly, because they do not want unwanted chemicals swirling around the dog’s systems.  Instead they ask for a blood test to determine the level of immunity the dog holds for various afflictions.  If high, they will withhold vaccinations until it becomes necessary.

For what it is worth, we have always vaccinated our dogs and will continue to do so.  If we can protect them from suffering, we always will.  Any good vet worth his salt will answer any queries you have, we can only advise to the best of our ability as dog lovers.

We hope this answers your question 'Should I vaccinate my Cairn Terrier'.

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