How can I stop my Cairn Terrier from barking? May 20, 2021 17:14 1 Comment

How can I stop my Cairn Terrier from barking - blog from Cairn terrier Collectibles

Barking is perfectly normal it’s a way of communicating.  If the barking is excessive then it’s a problem for you and the neighbours.  Firstly, identify why the dog is barking. It may be from fear and anxiety, it may be defending you and your property (poor postman!), it could be for attention or maybe out of boredom.

Currently, our two are barking at the garden fence because next door is having a new patio.  They don’t know that, all they know is that our territory may be under attack.  That’s why they bark when the postman has the temerity to post things through the door, they think their territory is being invaded also they don’t know that it isn’t a mass murderer at the door when the bell rings. 

In these cases, desensitising is the key.  Get a friend to buzz the bell or post something.  At the same time take control with the command “no!” and offer a treat to your pup when he doesn’t bark.  Try a key word, we use “room”, so that when the bell goes they shoot off into the lounge.


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If your dog isn’t treat orientated, try using a toy for distraction and lengthen the time the dog is quiet before you hand over the toy/treat.  Using your friend again, get them to ring the bell and then open the door.  If the dog barks, close the door and direct the dog to their “room” or bed.  Open the door again. If the dog moves, close it.  Reward them when they stay in place, that way they associate the reward with being still, not barking.

Try and get hold of a soundtrack of different noises, bells, whistles, fireworks, cement mixers etc.  Play the sounds back gradually increasing the volume and again reward dog when he hears the sound but doesn’t go mad.  This is a good method because it’s a controlled session. 

If pup is barking for attention, ignore him.  Don’t look him in the eye and also turn your body away.  If you give in and treat them, they know they will get a reward when they bark.  Dogs aren’t stupid.

If a dog is barking out of boredom and frustration, make sure he is well exercised and has plenty of stimulating toys.  Try training him to do some simple tricks or set up an agility course in the garden. Use what you have available, bamboo poles for weaving or flowerpots holding up a plank of wood for a small jump.  Having to concentrate on “working” uses up loads of excess mental and physical energy.

A tired dog is a good dog! (Well, it helps).  Practice makes perfect, so if a dog has had its own way in the barking stakes for a long time without being reprimanded, it will take time to sort out.  None of these ideas work after just one session. Make your anti-barking rules and stick to them.

Shouting at them to stop barking is daft and we all do it from time to time.   Shouting just elevates the energy levels, and they can see it as a good game.  It does nothing to help and raises your blood pressure.

Please let us know how you get on!

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Ripley's Tail - Mud February 19, 2021 15:56

Ripley's Tail - Mud - Cairn Terrier Collectibles


Dog Date: 19th February 2021

General Sitch: Wet and muddy

Specific Sitch: With added mud

I am part Cairn Terrier, part duck and part stranded on the muddy riverbank of life. This is my tail.

We live in the land of Welsh Wales. They say that when the sun shines here it is God’s own country. However it is the other 361 days a year that we worry about. The clouds cut the tops off the hills and the rain starts. It is like being trapped in a box of grey water. That said, as a Cairn Terrier I proudly go where less rufty-tufty breeds won’t go. I love streams that overflow, and flooded fields and mud. I really, really love mud.

What can be better than having a brown tide mark around oneself, about mid flank and chest  with everything above the line pristine (if a bit damp) and everything below, including all of one's little bits and pieces, just brown?



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Some facts about mud that this Cairn suggests you should know:

- Playing in mud will make you happier. Scientific folk reckon that it contains a micro-organism that releases serotonin. As far as I can tell this acts like sausages and makes you happy.

- If you are too hot, have a roll in mud like what pigs and hefalumps do. It will cool you down. That is why we are so cool in Wales (see what I did there?).

- Houses built out of mud in China can last for hundreds of years. This is why Beetle is currently trying to dig his way through the garden to find and visit Chinese Cairns.

On that subject, I can tell you that the puppy is now the size of a Stegosaurus and still growing. He can jump, he can run, he corners like a Formula 1 car and he’s cute.  On the plus side, anything I try to teach him is taken on board and usually taken a step too far. I run in mud, he slides in it. I dig in mud, he eats it. I drink from the water-filled Cairn-dug holes in the garden, he falls in them. Got to love it when a plan comes together.

Next week we both go for grooming. It will be the first time that Beetle has seen aunty Dawn since he came to live here. He might just get so excited that he pees everywhere! We are also hoping to see his bruv Stanley who live quite near. ’Tis going to be an interesting week!

Anyhow, got to go. Mum has got the Mud Daddy out so we are going to get our muddy bits rinsed off. What a time to be alive…

wallow-wallow, roll-roll, blow bubbles, snort

Ripley xx

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How to stop a Cairn Terrier puppy from biting January 26, 2021 14:48 1 Comment

How to stop a Cairn Terrier puppy from biting - Cairn Terrier Collectibles

Help!  My puppy won’t stop biting!

Don’t worry, it’s natural and they all do it to a greater or lesser extent.  If you watch a litter of puppies at play you will see them nipping and rolling and chasing and nipping all over again.  It’s classic learning about life through play.  If a bite is too hard there are squeals and the biter backs off, he has learned that his bite is not acceptable for happy play.

The worst of the biting is in the first six months, or until the puppy teeth (which are the sharpest by far) are replaced by adult teeth. Like children teething, their gums are itchy and they need something to chew on to help the process.


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Our Ripley was a massive biter and it took almost two years for her to stop completely.  We tried yelping, pressing her lip against her gum and substituting toys for our hands but I will be honest, she was relentless.  Our hands were constantly shredded and it made it a little more difficult to bond with her.  All is more than good now, so don’t despair.  On reflection I think being firmer in our shouts and using the crate for more time outs may have helped. 

Now we have little Beetle and he is much less of a biter.  He responds very quickly to shouts of “No!” and is more likely to just gently nibble for a bit of comfort.  Phil’s arms are still a mess and the Sudocrem pot needs refilling twice a day but Phil will admit that is mostly his own fault for instigating the play fighting.  Beetle also bites Ripley. She tolerates a certain amount and then corrects him in her own inimitable way!

Other things that will help are making sure they have a balanced day.  Make sure they have rest times, play times and food times as well as exercise times.  Pups who are bored or over tired can get stroppy and more nippy than normal.

Children in particular find it hard when their adorable pup nips them, but assure them it is a stage and will pass.  If it’s getting too much, withdraw hands and feet and don’t give pup any more attention until he is calm.  Draw up the rules of play and stick to them.  Hang on in there!

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Ripley's Tail - Back in lockdown January 14, 2021 16:31


Ripley's Tail - Back in lockdown - Cairn Terrier Collectibles


Dog Date: 14th January 2021

General Sitch: Back in lockdown

Specific Sitch: Intermittent zoomies and toofy battles

I am part Cairn Terrier, part prisoner in my own home. This is my tail.

Well we are back in lockdown. Just before Christmas I reported that my Hu-Sis and Hu-Bro were coming home for five days over Christmas. Then I was told only one of them would be allowed to come. Then it was only one of them for just one day. In the end they spent Christmas together in the land of elsewhere and we didn’t see them at all. They still have not met Beetle. If I ever meet this Covid-19 person I am seriously going to chomp his bum! No fair.

Now to compare and contrast. Me in the morning: “Leave me alone, grrr.” Beetle in the morning: “Mummy-Daddy-Ripley, Mummy-Daddy-Ripley, Ripley, Ripley, Ripley, fight me, play with me, where’s breakfast, fight me, play with me, Mummy-Daddy-Ripley, zzzzzzzzzzzzz.” Beetle also does the things that the Humins like. He licks them, he cuddles them, he curls up on them. Way too cute if you ask me. Go on ask me…

I am on my after Christmas slim-down, getting ready to wear my furry dogkini when the weather is better and am eating a little less. Beetle is eating everything and still getting bigger. This is my artist’s impression of our relative sizes now…

Poor hungry tiny Ripley

My only worry with him is that, although he is beginning to lose those oh-too-sharp puppy teeth, other things are growing and he may be about to enter the humpy-humpy phase. Not going to happen Kid, I will severely grrrr you!

In other news, there are new people in our village who have a Border Terrier. His name is Bertie, or Bernie, or Flat-packed-furniture, or something. We have sniffed. Beetle crawled towards him wagging, which was most undignified but the Border was unmoved. He didn’t say a lot but seems ok so we will see how we go.

Life here is a bit dull this month. I want to go to the beach. I want to climb mountains. I want to run and run and run. Bit difficult this month with the lockdown so I will settle for zoomies around the garden with Beetle and see if it is possible to nudge him into the pond!

zoom-zoom, pout-pout, pose-pose, vogue

Ripley xx

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Ripley's Tail - Frankly exhausted December 15, 2020 12:06

Ripley's Tail Dec 2020 - Frankly exhausted


Dog Date: 15th December 2020

General Sitch: Frankly exhausted

Specific Sitch: Asleep on a table to avoid Beetle

I am part Cairn Terrier, part melded with the duvet, part hounded and chased and bitten. This is my tail.

It has been a fun few weeks since we last spoke, and I can report that all is not calm in our household. My little brother has huge paws and appears to be doubling in size every 20 minutes. He is going to be the size of a horse. I can tell you that he is not taking his Minion role very seriously and is rubbish as a sidekick because he wants to be in charge. He is still not quite quick enough to catch me when I really want to escape and although he bites my face a lot, I have a weight advantage and can sit on him. Take that kid!

We do get along very well and now will even have a little kip on the sofa together, until he sniffs my bum and I do grrr him!


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This week was my Birthday and I became three years old. Not just me you understand but also the sibs, Whisky, Sherry and Fizz still live with Momma Rita and the others are in that place known as ‘elsewhere’. Three years, wow. I am such a grown up girl. I hardly ever bite Daddy-my-Daddy-xxx ™ anymore, even though he deserves it for rolling me onto my back and doing PushMe-PullMe and generally messing me about. For my Birthday I got nice food, a long off-lead walk without you-know-who and a new squeaky rabbit (which got pinched by Shorty immediately). Here we are together on the big day.

Ripley and Beetle on Ripley's 3rd Birthday

Are you ready for Chrissymouse? We are nowhere near. We have had to have a smaller tree this year on a table to avoid the Beetle factor. Nothing can hang that might fall as a small bolt of furry lightning would catch it before it hits the ground. We have presents and finally are able to plan who can come to our house. That is us plus Hu-Sis and Hu-Bro but no-one else, oh no. I do love Hu-Sis and Hu-Bro - they play different games with me, and snuggle and fight and bring me stuff. Mummy-my-Mummy-xxx ™ is soooooo pleased. They are only allowed home for five days which is a bit sad but at least we will see them and there will be much food and wrapping paper to chew. Beetle has not yet met them so I think he will be stuck to their heads for a while on Day 1.

I rather like that Lily Allen Chrissymouse song ‘Somewhere only we know’ This is mainly ‘cos there are rabbits in the video and as you know, I do like a rabbit.

Here are my Chrissymouse shopping rules:

  1. You can buy me nice cards and send them to the usual address,
  2. Buy lots of food, and drink (if human you will need your own bodyweight in something called Baileys)
  3. Buy stuff for your Cairns, preferably with squeaks in it,
  4. Do not eat Reindeer poop, it is filled with the remains of mince pies and is not good for Cairns,
  5. Be kind to everyone except people not wearing masks, grrr at them, and
  6. Never give a gun to a duck, I did once and regretted it.

There may be another blog before the end of the year to share our Xmas pics, but do all have a lovely time and tell us all about it in the comments

Run-run, chase-chase, rabbit-rabbit, rest

Ripley xx

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Ripley's Tail - Wings and Things October 6, 2020 15:41

Ripley's Tail - Wings and Things - Cairn Terrier Collectibles

Dog Date: 6th October 2020

General Sitch: Happy and I know it clappin’ my paws

Specific Sitch: Looking forward to what is about to happen whilst being a bit apprehensive about what is about to happen, whilst havin’ a kip and dreaming about what is about to happen.

I am part Cairn Terrier, part future big sister. Bring me that puppy! This is my tail.

I miss the old girls and think that everybody else does too. I miss Hattie dancing round in circles barking when it is tea-time. I miss Bella hurling herself at the front door when the Postman comes. I miss jumping all over both of them at top speed and them chomping me. Happy Days. However, soon my life will change and I will know how they felt when I arrived. This Cairn is a little bit anxious. I mean, I am confident that when Puppy MacPup-face arrives I am big enough and fast enough to get the best of him. It’s the sneaking up and chomping my bum with razor sharp Velociraptor puppy teeth that worries me slightly. When I say “Bite my furry butt” to the world I don’t actually expect anybody to do it.

That said I will have a chum. I will have a sidekick. I will be Bat-Cairn-Babe and he will be Robin-Cairn-Minion. We will run across the plains of Central Asia together and eat Yak, or something like that. Mummy-my-Mummy-xxx ™ has already picked a name for him but I am not allowed to share it. It is pretty cool though. Daddy-my-Daddy-xxx ™ says it might change when we meet him; Mummy-my-Mummy-xxx ™ says no and some other WORDS that I don’t understand.


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It has been a bit of an odd month here. Christmas shop preparation has been occurring. That means lots of time for me lying around while they spend time on the computers getting STUFF done. What exactly is STUFF? Because if STUFF carries on much longer I will chomp it. I have had lots of local walks, up hills, through streams, chasing stick, chasing squizzles, chasing invisible critters, I have even started chasing Daddy-my-Daddy-xxx ™ , the look on his face when I run at him and fly through the air towards him is priceless! If this Cairn had wings can you imagine what critters I could reach.

Squirrel Cairn Wings

They have also rented a big plot of land near to our garden. I can’t really go in it yet as they have been clearing and bonfiring, and are waiting for someone to put in a gate. When this is done the intention is to grow vegetables (yum), herbs (yuk) and pretty flowers (whatever). Most importantly me and Robin-Cairn-Minion will have somewhere new to dig in and do zoomies in. I have a vision of running around in circles with all of the plants we have pulled up. They will love it!

So wish me luck pretty please. Sidekick kid is probably still 5-6 weeks away, and I am going to get as much undisturbed kip in as possible before then.

Boff-boff, snore-snore, run-run, fly

Ripley xx

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Ripley's Tail - Scrumbling part 1 September 3, 2020 09:32 1 Comment

Ripley's Tail September 2020 - Scrumbling part 1

Dog Date: 3rd September 2020

General Sitch: Cute but evil

Specific Sitch: lying around in direct sunlight. If I want to, I will, I like it even though it is cooking my furry bits and pieces.

I am part Cairn Terrier, part Welshcake. Feeeeeed meeee. This is my tail.

This Cairn is feeling a bit grumpy. Daddy-my-daddy-xxx ™ keeps rolling me onto my back and scrumbling me, which is ok, obvs, but he needs to work on his technique a bit, and if he doesn’t quit the blowing raspberries on my tummy stuff, he will get bitten. So I thought I should educate you humins about scrumbling. There are three techniques and I will share one now and t’other two in future. If you are sitting comfortably, we will begin…

v:  Scrumble: To move a dog’s fur around in a vigorous manner to release stress (and dog particles), and create a state of wild and unbounded ecstasy.

Disclaimer 1: Ask the owner’s permission first. Failure to do this could result in a) their dog sneaking out at night seeking further illicit scrumbling, or b) you may lose your fingers.

Disclaimer 2: Do not scrumble cats (they will scram you), ELKS (who may run amok) or Scorpions (obviously, duh).


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Technique 1: The demented pianist

Demented pianist

  1. Always prepare your HUMIN. They should do finger flexing exercises and eat an energy bar.
  2. Stand sideways on to your HUMIN.
  3. Working from the base of the tail to the skull, the HUMIN should wriggle its fingers through the fur up and down the spine at ever-increasing speed. The action should resemble that of a demented pianist trying to complete Dogbogimov’s 14th Piano Concerto in double time whilst on speed.
  4. Repeat (sorry, need a moment here – the memories) for Dogbogimov’s 15th Piano Concerto or until the dog collapses.
  5. The HUMIN is allowed to stray briefly to the flanks, but only for a rest period. Rib strumming is not allowed.

Desired outcomes

  • Dog will run wildly around the house with tail in the air until darting under a bed or lounge table for a prolonged period of recovery and secret smiling.
  • Remember when you choose a Christmas Tree and they put it through a giant metal cone to pull the branches in and wrap it? The dog should look like it has been put through the cone from the wrong end, i.e. like a bottle brush.
  • HUMIN will feel valued and that a job has been well done.
  • There will be a cloud of DOG PARTICLES in circulation for at least an hour (the law).

Got it? Good HUMIN. Daddy-my-daddy-xxx ™ take note.

Apart from that, it was a slightly damp August in Wales, with the odd day of brilliant sunshine, and a few days of intense storms. When the storms came I did demand to go out in the garden in the middle of the night to rampage around and confront the storm monster. I did show it who is boss, oh yes I did.

Large amounts of puppies have been born, and we are hoping one will become my little brother/toy. Mummy-my-mummy-xxx ™ and himself will be going to meet them this month, giving me a weekend to torment my HUSIS. When she was home last, we went for a walk and she and I went for a stick at the same time. We both missed but I got her! Ooops.

Anyhowl, I have stuff to do, after taking another nap. This writing stuff is tiring.

Take care and be naughty,

Grrr-grrr, wag-wag, roll in fox poo

Ripley x

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Ripley's Tail - Big Dogs and Zoomies August 4, 2020 10:34

Ripley's Tail - Big Dogs and Zoomies August 2020 - Cairn Terrier Collectibles

Dog Date: 4th August 2020

General Sitch: Calm but manic

Specific Sitch: being a good girl, interspersed with being really naughty, chasing frogs out of the pond, popping footballs and hiding in the undergrowth and refusing to come out.

I am part Cairn Terrier, part ruler of the universe. Watch me do zoomies. This is my tail.

As befits being the ultimate ruler of the universe in this day and age, I have to face some challenges to my authority as the youngsters have so little respect. I speak of course of the abomination that is the dog in our village known as Ozzie (or Oscar, or Orifice, or something like that). I am not actually sure if he is a dog or a pony he is so big. They tell me that he is 1/4 Giant Poodle and 3/4 Newfoundland. He does not have a brain, he does not have a sense of direction, he definitely has no manners and I think he likes me.

Ozzie is owned by a wee Scottish man who has no ability to control him. When he sees me he does pull the lead out of the man’s hands and run down the road to see me. This is done in a zig-zag fashion, dodging traffic and ignoring all WORDS from the man and Daddy-my-daddy-xxx ™.

Am I scared when runs at me? No of course not for I am Cairn. The problem is that we are all worried that he will jump on me and squish me flat. A conservative estimate is that he is 16 feet high and weighs 237 metric tonnes, although admittedly that is from my perspective.

What is a girl/ruler of the universe to do? I do grrr, he takes no notice, I do run in between his legs to confuse him, he takes no notice, I flip him the paw, he takes no notice. I think we are going to have to raise a posse and sort him out. What do you think?


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In other news, this month has been a month of birthdays with both Mummy-my-mummy-xxx ™ and Daddy-my-daddy-xxx ™  reaching some ridiculous age. This combined with an easing of the corona-thingumy lockdown meant we went to another town and got to see my Hu-sis (and her Boyfriend) and my Hu-bro (and his lady friend). They did sit at a table in the garden and talk and laugh a lot while I chased a football, charged around, ate bits of crispy duck, jumped on everyone, and investigated EVERYTHING. I slept all the way home and most of the next day. More of such things please!

Oh yes, I can now wade up to my shoulders in the river, soon I will swim! One small step for dog kind etc etc…

Question? How many Cairn Terriers does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: Who cares, I can still play with my squeaky toys in the dark. And I do, every night, without fail, because I can…

Laters potaters,

Snore-snore, burp-burp, wag-wag, grr

Ripley xx

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Ripley's Tail - Independence Day July 3, 2020 17:00 1 Comment

Ripley's Tail - Independence Day - July 2020

Dog Date: 4th July 2020

General Sitch: Undervalued and overgrown

Specific Sitch: lying around waiting for my American friends to give me a break and send me an Independence Day hotdog (no mustard or chilli, but I would give due consideration to a corn dog).

I am part Cairn Terrier, part ravenous wild beastie. Groom me somebody. This is my tail.

So I get it, I really do. A million years ago a bunch of people gained Independence from another bunch of people by shouting a lot and stuff. Every year now Will Smith marches out of the desert and some other bloke declares “this is our independence day” and everybody cheers. It’s a bit like when we are allowed out of corona-thingumy lockdown and we all run around a lot, although that is without hot dogs.

I should like to declare that today is my independence day, but I’m not allowed to. Mummy-my-mummy-xxx ™ says that I am way too scruffy at the moment to go out into the world without being mistaken for a Yak (Yak-yuk I say!). So I will have to be content to harrumph a lot and glare. One day I shall be free and will go charging across the plains of central Asia, leaping tall buildings and swimming mighty rivers before having a nap. Until then I will have to be content (they think, tee-hee-hee).

I would particularly like to thank Americans for worshipping me this month. Putting on a special parade all about me and my future break-away from the Mummy-my-mummy-xxx ™ and Daddy-my-daddy-xxx ™ world dominance sitch…

Independence Day

In other news, next week I am being taken to THAT place where I will be groomed. Personally I quite like the Yak-yuk look but I will admit that is is a bit warm in the summer time. So we go to visit Aunty Dawn who was my breeder. I do love Aunty Dawn and jump up and down a lot when I see her. She hand strips me. This makes me grrr a lot, especially when she reaches my lady bits and bum. At that point she sometimes even has to make me into Mrs Conehead so I can’t nip her.

Because I am now a poor, sad, lonely single dog (send sympathy cards and nom-noms via my agent) Mummy-my-mummy-xxx ™ and Daddy-my-daddy-xxx ™ are thinking about getting another puppy later this year. A boy Cairn, they say. They reckon it will chase my tail around for the next 15 years, I say that I need a new toy so bring it on! More news on this as I get it.

Happy Independence Day!

Grr-grr, snuffle-snuffle, woogle-woogle, wag

Ripley xx

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How do I groom my Cairn Terrier June 15, 2020 09:03

How do I groom my Cairn Terrier - Cairn Terrier Collectibles

First let’s kick off with the breed standard as set out by the Kennel Club in case you want to show your pup in the professional ring. The 1994 regulations are keen on legs covered with harsh hair and a tail well furnished but not feathery. The coat is very important because of its weather resistant properties. It must be double coated with profuse, harsh but not coarse outer coat and a short, soft and close undercoat. Open coats are objectionable, a slight wave is permissible. The American Kennel club also note they like “plenty of head furnishings and a cleanly trimmed outline.

If you do want to show, then you must get the pup hand stripped periodically. This involves plucking out the long dead hair to maintain and retain the texture and colour of the coat. It also keeps the waterproof double layers spruce.


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Living with a Cairn Terrier with Diabetes


If you are not going to show the pup, then a good basic clipping is great. Be aware though, once you have started clipping, you can’t then revert to stripping because the quality of the fur changes.

Here’s the top advice on how often you should bath your dog. Whatever the books say, a normally water--‐loving pooch will suddenly develop a pathological hatred of the wet stuff and act as if you are trying to murder him. He will shake three seas worth of water over you if he get’s water on his face and he will leave the whole house damp and a bit uncomfortable in efforts to dry him off.

Unless they have rolled in fox poo or fallen in a stagnant pond, they really don’t need bathing more than three or four times a year. Bathing too much can strip the fur of its lovely natural oils.


If you want to follow the adventures of our young Cairn Terrier Ripley, you can read her blog Ripley's Tail here:


Ripley's Tail May 2020 (in her own words)

Ripley's Tail June_01 2020 Year of the Rat - yay!


Our personal experience has been that in order to keep the house relatively hygienic and having dogs that love mud, swimming and rolling in fox poo and anything rotten, baths happen about once every six weeks. Otherwise just a sponging if we can get away with it. If you have a dog reluctant to endure the cleaning procedure, try smearing some dog--‐safe peanut butter on the shower wall, which the dog can lick off as you clean.

Good luck, and always have more towels on hand than you think you need, plus a change of clothes!

Ruth xx

p.s. While you are here, please grab summer 2020 bandanas for your beloved Cairns:

Summer 2020 Bandanas - Cairn Terrier Collectibles

The Bella Blog June 7, 2020 15:12 2 Comments

The Bella Blog - Cairn Terrier Collectibles

On Monday we said goodbye to our wonderful and wonky Bella, she was 14 years old and suddenly lost her battle with Westie Lung Disease (Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis). We knew that the prognosis was not good six months ago when she was given 12-18 months to live but the speed of decline was just horrid. After a very difficult few hours she died in Ruth’s arms at the vets. After losing her sister Hattie only six weeks ago this is just awful. However, let us celebrate the life of a Cairn described by our son as “bloody ridiculous”.

Bella came to us with her sister Hattie as an 8 year old rescue in 2014. Hattie was a gentle, dignified and slightly stiff lady, perhaps a little old before her time. Bella was a little fireball. It was only later that we were told some of the things that she had got up to during her brief period of foster care. Let us just say that she had mastered the art of the protest poo!

Within a few days we realised what we might have. Looking out of our kitchen window into the garden, where the girls had been sent to do their doggy business one morning, we were greeted by Bella’s face. Unimpressed with being put outside she had jumped onto a chair then onto the table against the wall and was leaning on the window looking in to let us know that she was ready to come back in. She jumped on everything. Before long she had bitten all of us, just to let us know her boundaries, it took a while for this behaviour to calm down.

Bella was a lifetime ankle biter of visitors, especially one of our son’s friends Owain who got it every time. To be fair it wasn’t really biting, they call it aggressive mouthing, where the dog bangs their mouth into someone to let them know they are boss. She also hated the postman with a passion and the barking as he approached the house was incredible. She even tried to get into his van when out on a walk once to get at him. She was also a toy hoarder, once rounding up all of hers AND Hattie’s toys, carrying them very deliberately to her bed, forming a mound and then lying on top of then all.

The counterpoint to this was that she was a complete cuddle-bunny. She would lie for hours squashed up against your legs, or on top of the children. She loved our daughter very much but completely doted on our son, and he on her. Bella was the funniest dog we have ever known. There was something about her that could make you burst out laughing by just looking at her, the bustle when she walked, the way she would plunge into any water anywhere for a swim. And she burped, regularly and extremely loudly and always looked pleased with herself afterwards.

A few years ago Bella had to have two rounds of cruciate ligament surgery. The first came after she launched into the air from a 6 foot bank while on a forest walk (typical), the second almost inevitably 11 months later after the strain of the first one. She was massively unhappy about the enforced cage rest, but came though both. She had come to us with poor dental condition and she also had two serious extraction surgeries. Bella was a very tough little girl.

If you look at photos of Bella, she is generally running, sleeping, or her ears are back. Unlike her sister who was very tolerant of pictures, Bella disliked having hers taken. We thought that she thought that the camera was trying to steal her soul! It wasn’t and many have remarked that she was stunningly beautiful. Thank you all for this and for loving her.

Bella’s decline was fairly swift. In her last few months suddenly running upstairs became a chore and she was a little unsteady coming down (one day she slipped and fell, Dad caught her so she rewarded him by biting him). As her breathing got worse she followed Mum everywhere and the loss of her beloved Hattie may have been the final straw for her.

So we have said goodbye to our wonderful and wonky Bella, until we do meet again. We just know that she went over the rainbow bridge at speed, nipping a few ankles en route. She will be sitting on a pile of Woody's, Homer's, Gizmo's and Hattie's toys with a look on her face that says “Yeah, and what?”. Everyone up there will absolutely adore her. We should all remember this ridiculous Cairn because it was her world, and is now her heaven.  Our beautiful girl.


Ripley's Tail - Year of the Rat - yay! June 2, 2020 08:04 1 Comment

Ripley's Tail: Year of the Rat - yay Cairn Terrier Collectibles

Editor's note: The following entry from Ripley was received before the sad news yesterday about Bella. Following consultations with the aforementioned Ripley we have decided to publish the entry in its entirety.

Dog Date: June_01 2020

General Sitch: Stuck in rural Wales

Specific Sitch: Poised by the back door, waiting for it to be opened so I can run and chase and hunt and pounce before peaking too early and having another nap.

I am part Cairn Terrier, part Velociraptor. I like sausages. This is my tail.

2020 is the Chinese Year of the Rat, and I love it! I am thinking of dedicating my life to being a critter hunter. I’d get certified of course and have my logo on the side of the Mummy-my-Mummy-xxx™-mobile. I’m thinking “Miss Ripley’s Chase-and-Chomp Service”. Classy huh? As she is a bit rubbish at going fast and cornering Bella could be my sidekick, taking orders and giving stink-eye to all passing critters.

As well as sorting out the rural rat population I could take on other commissions. This week someone in the village lost something called a ferret. This is a picture of me with the sign, with details all blurred out to protect the innocent. Anyway, who ever thought to name a ferret Penny? I think a ferret is like a long thin rat, so that should be ok. Daddy-my-Daddy-xxx™ says that I am very fast and should have no problem with long rats.

Ripley and the missing ferret - Cairn Terrier Collectibles

I offered to help, but Daddy-my-Daddy-xxx™ said that they wanted it back in one piece for some reason. Our service could also be extended to the fat pigeon in our garden (flying rat), the squirrels (long-tailed climbing rats) and stray Water Buffalo (dirty great big rats with horns). I’m thinking payment by PawPal, in snacks and treats and nom-noms. If only I had opposable thumbs there could be a business plan.

I am currently in strict stick training with Daddy-my-Daddy-xxx™ when we go on long walks. This involves chasing and retrieving sticks, but also running away with the stick in my mouth AND trying to chomp it out of Hooman hands when he is picking it up. He says WORDS when I do this, and I do laugh and run away.

In other news I have released a trailer for my upcoming music release Cairnian Ratsody and this can be viewed on our Facebook page. The initial response has been good and I’m optimistic about a record deal at any moment.

Finally please spare a thought for Bella, or Miss Wonky as I call her behind her back. She is not very well and the Hoomans are doing their bestest to take care of her. She is attempting slump-and-glare tactics to get extra treats.

Be good. Actually don’t be good, run around naked and screaming. I do…

Lick-lick, grr-grr, wag-wag, you get the general picture


p.s. please hashtag #ripleystail if commenting.

New season bandanas 2020 from Cairn Terrier Collectibles


Ripley's Tail: Dog Date May 2020 May 24, 2020 12:41 6 Comments

Ripley's Tail: Dog Date May 2020


Dog Date: May 2020

General Sitch: Stuck in Lockdown

Specific Sitch: Lying on back, four legs pointed to ceiling, boffing

I am but a Cairn Terrier. Wait a minute, I AM Cairn Terrier. This is my tail.

It is hard being a red-brindle girl Cairn Terrier in a world inhabited by Hoomans. To explain, I am the dominant force in the universe, however, they control the means of distribution of snacks, treats and nom-noms. They are therefore grrr-worthy and I must remain aloof, whatever a loof is. But they are also Mummy-my-Mummy-xxx™ and Daddy-my-Daddy-xxx™, and I do love them. What is a small but mighty Terrier to do?

Our family here is completed by my older companion, Cairn Terrier Bella, and two other Hoomans. Bella is like 150 years old and a bit doddery. She is quite good company but doesn’t run around a lot, hasn’t got many teeth and is a bit deaf. Daddy-my-Daddy-xxx™ says she used to be a completely naughty Minnie the Minx which is, I suppose, a bit like saying that your granny was a right goer back in the day.

The other two are part-timers who come to visit. My Hoo-sis comes back from time to time and takes me for lovely long walks which is great and my Hoo-bro comes home to give me fighting lessons. I win of course and he sulks.

Today is sunny so they call it Sunday (is that how it works?) and I have a plan. It is cunning. All it needs is for me to bend time, space, the will of the Hoomans and Bella. Bella is the most difficult because she doesn’t have a clue what she is going to do most of the time anyway. I have designated today as Eat-only-Hooman-food-day. I have already had popcorn for breakfast (don’t ask). For lunch Mummy-my-Mummy-xxx™ and Daddy-my-Daddy-xxx™ are having a roast dinner. I am going to practice my best Princess Diana eyes on them and guilt them into saving lots of it for Bella and I for our din-dins. Mmmm how we will boff when we have had the beefs and cauliflower cheese and Yorkshire puds and taters! If there is any time left, then I can make space for the sausage that I just know is in the fridge. ’Tis a plan.

Now that I am awake it is time to patrol the garden for a while. These squirrels don’t bark at themselves you know!

Lick-lick, grr-grr, wag-wag, whatever.


p.s. please hashtag #ripleystail if commenting.

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The Hattie Blog April 20, 2020 15:39 7 Comments

The Hattie Blog - Cairn Terrier Collectibles

On Friday we said goodbye to our lovely Hattie, she was 14 years old and had been ill with an inoperable cancer for 9 months, frankly we had expected it to take her much earlier but as a true Cairn Terrier she toughed it out beyond even our Vets expectations. In the end it was too much and when we knew that the quality of life had deteriorated it was time. With the coronavirus restrictions only one of us could go in with her, so Ruth held her in her arms as she drifted away. Much loved and in no more pain.

In 2014 we had lost our beloved 7 year old Cairn Gizmo (also to cancer) and had unfinished Cairn business. We were recommended two girl Cairns, half-sisters Bella and Hattie who were available for adoption. After some work they arrived that summer. We joked that they were second-hand and from St. Helens. They were very different, no really, really different. Bella was and still is a spiky, bustling ball of energy alternatively loving and incredibly naughty. Hattie was serene.

It took a while to get used to this girl. We had always had male Cairns, full of energy and fight and Hattie was so not that. She was her own girl who did her own thing, in her own way, at her own pace. She had one pace - trundle. Hattie had had a litter of 5 pups early in her life but had not the slightest maternal instinct whatsoever when she reached us. Bella fussed around her and Hattie couldn’t have given two hoots about Bella at all, she was just intent on being Hattie. There was not an ounce of malice in her. At first we thought that she was not very clever, but we soon realised that she was a very wise old bird who wanted a cuddle (on her own terms) and snacks. She spent a great deal of time lying on her back on our daughter’s chest just having her tummy tickled. When our son came home to visit she used to wag like crazy and just hold his wrist in her mouth.

She wasn’t madly keen on Ripley when Ripley was a puppy because ’it’ used to jump on her. This was not appreciated and Hattie let her know in no uncertain terms. Even later on if a toy of Ripley’s ended up near Hattie she would crawl and whine to get it back rather than go charging in. Hattie could still chomp her if necessary. We had thought that Hattie would mother the youngster. Wrong! Bella and Ripley get on fine though.

One of her many nicknames was ‘Turn Left’. If we went for a walk on paths through our local woods, Bella would charge around, but we could guarantee that Hattie would lag behind and then just turn left and disappear into the undergrowth. She would always come back when called and then a little later would repeat it. And she loved food, oh how she loved food. She ate with gusto, and cleared up left-overs, and had snacks, and never refused a biscuit until the last week.

Hattie became a bit of a Social Media star, mainly due to her beautiful face and ability to look disinterested in pictures. People loved her and the outpouring of sympathy in the last few days is measured in thousands of comments. Thank you all for loving her.

Hattie became deaf in her latter years and responded well to hand signals when she chose to. She lost the use of one of her front legs due to the cancer, but hopped around gamely and still loved her short walks. We bought her a puppy carriage for when the walking got too much and she used to lie in it and pretend that she was the Queen - she really loved it.

So we have said goodbye for now, until we do meet again. There is a picture developing of Hattie trundling across the Rainbow Bridge to the pearly gates. There to be greeted by our other Cairns Woody, Homer and Gizmo. Being Hattie she ignores them, turns left and trundles off into the clouds in search of sniffs and snacks, returning a little later for a cuddle and a nap. Good girl.


An update from the home front April 13, 2020 10:31

An update from the home front - Cairn Terrier Collectibles

Good day to you and yours, and sincere hopes that you and your loved ones are safe and well.  We thought it was time for an update from our home to yours.  We have three dogs, the two old ladies, Hattie and Bella, and the destroyer of worlds, young Ripley. 

Ripley is now two, and has eventually calmed down from the biting, fighting velociraptor of the early days, to a more loving, though still very opinionated terrier!  We stopped the agility and obedience training for a break, her recall is pretty good unless there is a squirrel or bird or sea anemone within two hundred miles.  Pulling on the lead is still an issue we are trying to address.  She is a little treasure when she is tired, but a right little imp with a penchant for jumping up on the dining room table when we are not looking!


If you are interested in the health and wellness of your Cairn Terrier, here are some more articles that you may find useful:

Are there any famous Cairn Terriers?

How much exercise do Cairn Terriers need?

What is the history of the Cairn Terrier?

Are Cairn Terriers good with children?

Do Cairn Terriers shed?


It took a long time, much longer than the textbooks would have it for the old ladies to accept the puppy.  Even now, Hattie the poorly one has the ability to stop Ripley in her tracks.  If Ripley’s ball lands near Hattie, she will not attempt to retrieve it!  She will skirt around it and whine and crawl, but no way will she barge in and take it!

Hattie is struggling on against rather overwhelming odds sadly.  Steroids are keeping her as pain free as possible, but the tumour, which has rendered one of her front legs useless, is marching on relentlessly.  She spends most of her time asleep or getting cuddled.  She is starting to eat less and for us this is the big sign things are in decline, Hattie would normally devour a scabby donkey.  What a time this is when we have had to ring the vet to ask what we do when we feel the time is right to end her suffering.  The answer is we have to phone ahead and only one of us is allowed in with her.  In the interim, the steroids are now coming through the post.

Bella is also on drugs as she has something called Westie Lung.  Cause unknown, the ongoing scarring causes a lot of coughing.  But our Bella, our ridiculous, mischievous comical Bella is acting like she hasn’t a care in the world.  She has more energy than you can shake a stick at and is still madly curious and chopsy.  You don’t need to check the time, Bella will tell you when five o’clock tea-time comes, and so loudly!

Ripley is currently digging up birdseed under the tree having chucked her foxy loxy toy in the pond so no one else can get it.  Bella, my shadow is asleep under my chair, and dear Hattie, dear worldly-wise Hattie is happily dozing in the warmth.

Wishing you well, we are always here if you need a chat!

Ruth and Phil xx

While you are here, please do take a look at our shop as we are still shipping worldwide through the crisis. We now have Gift Cards, so you can send a loved one an online voucher to spend in the shop.

Cairn Terrier Collectibles Gift Card

Could your Cairn Terrier benefit from some energy healing? March 12, 2020 11:09 1 Comment

Energy healing blog - Cairn Terrier Collectibles

Our friend Robyn Harris is an experienced practitioner in the field of wellbeing for people and animals. We thought it would be useful for you all to read what she does for dogs. Here are Robyn's words...

Energy healing in its many forms has become a very popular way for people to enjoy deep relaxation and enhanced wellbeing.  If you are an animal carer and have experienced this sense of peace for yourself, you might have wondered if your furry would benefit from some healing too.  The answer is a definite Yes!

Energy healing works with the life-force energy, enabling the body to fully relax, which in turn allows healing to take place on many levels.  This makes it a very powerful therapy – and it has no negative side effects.

Animals are particularly receptive to energy healing as they are generally very open and accepting, without the conditioned concerns that we humans often experience.


If you are interested in the health and wellness of your Cairn Terrier, here are some more articles that you may find useful:

Living with a Cairn terrier with Glaucoma or blindness

Living with a Cairn Terrier with Diabetes

How long do Cairn Terriers live?

Do Cairn Terriers have health problems?

Is sea water harmful to my Cairn Terrier?


I thought I’d share a case study as an example:

When I met Sampson, he was staying at Holly Hedge Rescue Sanctuary in Bristol.  He was very affectionate, coming over to lie on my foot, and outwardly looking quite relaxed, however his breathing was very fast (about 60 breaths per minute) and shallow and he was ‘huffing and puffing a lot.  Also, his muzzle, gums and nostrils were very pink.

As I sat quietly holding the space and offering him Reiki energy, he quickly settled down and closed his eyes.  I could see that he wasn’t completely relaxed however as his ears were up and forward on his head, wrinkling the skin on his forehead, and his breathing was still fast and shallow.

A few minutes passed and he began to show signs of relaxing.  He gave a big sigh and his ears settled to a more neutral position.  He appeared to have fallen asleep and even some barking from the other dogs outside didn’t disturb him.

After a while he rolled onto his side and I could see that his breathing had begun to slow down and was less noisy.  He was also twitching which can be a sign of going into a deep and releasing state.

After about half an hour, his breathing had slowed right down to about 25 breaths per minute and was almost inaudible.  As he slowly and gently woke up again I noticed that his muzzle was a more normal colour and the wrinkles on his forehead had disappeared.

This is just one of the therapeutic tools that I use with animals, all of which can be highly effective in supporting recovery from illness or injury and support for general wellbeing, particularly as the animal is getting older.

A recent client said this of Robyn:

"Very informative and we now understand how he was behaving and why.  We found the session very quiet and calm and he seemed calm and reacted well to you.

We were very happy with the care and attention he received and would definitely recommend Equenergy to others".

If you want to know more please contact Robyn directly at, via her website or by phone on +44 7980 669303. Please bear in mind that Robyn is UK based.

 Please do stock up on biscuits and treats for your dog here:

Biscuits and treats - Cairn Terrier Collectibles

Living with a Cairn Terrier with Glaucoma or blindness February 26, 2020 12:35

Living with a Cairn Terrier with Glaucoma - Cairn Terrier Collectibles

Our friend Kathy Poole has experience of Glaucoma and blindness in dogs. Please note that neither we nor Kathy are talking here as veterinary professionals. Always consult your vet if you suspect illness in your dog. Here is Kathy's story...

Our first Cairn Terrier Boner was 4 when we noticed he wasn’t seeing out of his left eye.  He was trained to respond to certain hand motions and if we were on his left, he didn’t respond but from the right side he did.  A vet consultation determined he was developing a cataract, but it was deemed too early to do anything.  We just made sure we always approached him full frontal.

After about a year, he completely lost sight in that eye and developed glaucoma. Our option was to remove the eye and either sew it closed or insert a plastic ball. We chose to insert the ball.  We were warned the surgery was very extensive and he would experience several days of pain.  We were also warned this surgery had been known to change a dog’s personality because of that pain.  We decided to go ahead, as the alternative was to put him down.  He was in too much pain to ignore.


If you are interested in the health and wellness of your Cairn Terrier, here are some more articles that you may find useful:

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Why do Cairn Terriers eat poo and puke?

Is corn on the cob dangerous for my Cairn Terrier?


The surgery was successful, and because we had we had previously had a dog die while being treated at a veterinary hospital, I was adamant he would come home with me that day.  He came home with a morphine patch on his shaved side, and I slept on the floor with him for 10 days.  

I devoted 24 hours daily to him during that time and at the end of the 10 days the morphine patch was removed and he was released from doctor care.  A side effect of the surgery, for which no explanation could be given, was that he lost sight in his right eye.  Now we had a totally blind dog.  However, the good news was that his personality was not at all affected.  He was the same guy he always had been, alternating between loving, playful, goofy.

We lived in a home with stairs, so I got would tap each step for him to either go up or down.  We did not move any furniture, ever.  We always spoke to him when we moved.  To help him stay close as we moved around, mostly outside, I glued a cork onto the end of a 4’ dowel and would tap him if he should stop or touch his side if he should turn.  This worked very well for both him and us.

At age 17 he developed glaucoma in his right eye and was in a great deal of pain.  At that time we decided he was ready for the Rainbow Bridge, as we did not feel he could withstand another operation.  That was almost 13 years ago and I miss him every day.  And I still have that dowel with the cork in case one of our current Cairn Terriers need it. Meet Boner in his prime...

Boner - Cairn Terrier Collectibles

P.S. Don't forget to take care of your dog's paws in this wet and cold weather with our Paw Wax:

Paw wax - Cairn Terrier Collectibles

Living with a Cairn Terrier with Diabetes February 13, 2020 15:47 3 Comments

Living with a Cairn Terrier with Diabetes - Cairn Terrier Collectibles

Our friend Shari Black has had to learn about Diabetes in dogs. Please note that neither we nor Shari are talking here as veterinary professionals. Always consult your vet if you suspect illness in your dog. Here is Shari's story...

We are the proud owners of two Cairn Terriers. Charger is our almost 14-year-old male and Jaide is our almost 12-year-old female. Our four children were raised side by side with them as they fit right into our family always giving us endless amounts of love. We believe that somehow, we are the luckiest people in the world to have the two best dogs in the world.

Three years ago, one month before Jaide’s 9th birthday, she began to exhibit symptoms of increased thirst, frequent urination and weight loss. I made an appointment at our vet and during the examination the vet never mentioned the word “diabetes”. I, however, had already googled her symptoms and had an idea it may be that. Blood work was done at that appointment and my vet said she would call in a few days with the results. Over the next two days I convinced myself that I could handle anything Jaide had, except diabetes. How would we ever manage that? I had four children to take care of. How could I give a shot to our dog every 12 hours? I had no medical background and had never even held a needle in my life.

Finally, our vet called and almost nonchalantly gave me the news, yes, indeed, Jaide had diabetes. Dr. Kraft was almost relieved as she explained how treatable it was. She said she would call in an order for insulin and I could pick that up and head to her office for my supply of needles and a quick lesson on how to administer a shot. I never cried so hard in my life. I called my husband, my children, my mom, my sister and my sister-in-law to tell them what I had feared the most. I was now the owner and caretaker of an 8-year-old diabetic dog.

If you are interested in the health and wellness of your Cairn Terrier, here are some more articles that you may find useful:

Do Cairn Terriers have health problems?



The first time I was to give the shot, I couldn’t. I called the office and asked if I could come by the next day for another lesson. They showed me again and I knew I had to give her the injection by myself that night. The strength I had to finally give Jaide the shot came from seeing how much better she felt when she received her insulin.

My older son was home from college that first night and he stayed with me while I tented her extra skin and injected her with the small unit of insulin. I cried as I gave it to her, but, in the end, I had done it, and was now ready to give her what she needed every 12 hours for the rest of her life. The first few months were not without struggles and tears.

One week after her diagnosis, she went blind. We have had two episodes of stomach issues that almost took her life, but she always persevered. We currently have been managing her diabetes with a strict routine of her same food, a shot every 12 hours and no food in between. We work very closely with our vet and other vet techs as Jaide has periodic spot checks, bloodwork and curves.

Our family takes care of Jaide with passion and compassion and although caring for a blind and diabetic dog is not easy, we would not change a thing. She is a bossy, happy, energetic dog and her life has impacted more people than we could ever have imagined possible. If you find yourself in this situation, I would be happy to offer any care or support. A diagnosis of diabetes is not a death sentence for your dog. It is actually a manageable disease that can bring treasured blessings to you and the world around you! This is Jaide after 3 years with the disease:

Jaide from Shari Black - Cairn Terrier Collectibles

Shari Black, February 2020


Paw Print stamps from Cairn Terrier Collectibles

The Cairn Terrier Relief Fund’s Fiftieth Anniversary Fun Day! September 24, 2019 19:15

The Cairn Terrier Relief Fund’s Fiftieth Anniversary Fun Day!


It’s a big blog title and a great event.  We are in the throes of getting organised to set up our stall and it’s really straight forward because we have three Cairn Terriers helping.  Hattie is in charge of bandanas, Ripley is organising personalised goodies and Bella is sorting through the brand new Cairn terrier Christmas card designs. 

They are being even more helpful than they were last week when Phil and I were trying to fix the garden fence.  He was up the ladder with a drill, swaying dangerously, I was pushing the fence upright with all my weight, and Ripley promptly fell in the pond.  Frogs flew left and right, and she emerged snout covered in duckweed and shaking water all over our legs.  She is quite the sharer. 

Bella helped by running off to bark at the mass murderer at the front door, aka the postman, and Hattie, dear poorly Hattie stayed in bed eyeing the pantomime with her worldly wise gaze.

Hattie has a tumour on her shoulder blade; it’s inoperable and forcing her to limp.  Her back legs are creaky too so moving is hard work.  We are doing all we can for her, but it’s a sad thing to see.  Mind you, she can still put a wiggle on with three legs when the snacks come out.

So the situation now, regarding the wonderful event on Saturday is that the hall is full and we cannot leave the house except by the back door.  Bella is lying on the blankets and knitted sweaters, Ripley is nibbling the corners of the air fresheners and Hattie is lying, legs akimbo over the new prints marked “fragile, do not bend”.  I think we need that sticker for Hattie herself.

So will you be there this Saturday?  We are bringing Ripley with us; the old girls are getting looked after at home.  We are particularly looking forward to the sausage catching competition though Phil is a bit cross it’s only for dogs.  There will be competitions, displays of agility and obedience, stalls, raffles, tombola, photography, cakes and snacks and, amazingly, a Scottish piper!

So the fun starts at 11am, at Canine Center, Ratby Lane, Markfield, Leicester LE67 9RJ.  Please do come and say hello!

The Cairn Terrier Relief fund does brilliant work by fostering Cairns in need until the right home can be found for them.  I am particularly excited by the fact there will be a fiftieth anniversary cake at the centre, can’t wait to try it.

If you can't be there, please do visit our shop and buy something. Part of our profits regularly go to CTRF to help those Cairns in need. They do great work so please help us to help them when you are thinking about gifts for yourselves, your friends and your Cairns.


Ruth and Phil xx

What games can I play with my Cairn Terrier? May 3, 2019 09:40

What games can I play with my Cairn Terrier? - Cairn Terrier Collectibles


I ask because of what happened this week in the Post Office. I managed to catch the last post.  The postman is there, in shorts (why do they always wear shorts even in the cold and wet?) chatting to the postmistress and bundling in and out with huge grey sacks, when I notice a dog at my heels waiting very patiently. 

It is the Post Office dog so I assume he is on guard, ready to leap into action in case Mr Shorts gets ambushed for our three hook key racks or a bandana.  So I think to myself how excellent and professional this is in terms of good training, and carry on getting parcels weighed.    Funny thing is, dog is still at my heels after Mr Shorts has gone and I am saying my goodbyes, so I asked lovely postmistress, “what is this dog waiting for? “


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“Ah, this is his favourite time of the day, he waits for the postman to leave and then we play his best game, watch this!”

I am instructed to step away from the counter, and postmistress reaches for the special treats tin.  Dog goes on excited alert.  From behind the security glass, postmistress drops the treats onto the metal counter and flicks the tiny treats under the letter gap right across the room!  Dog goes crackers and dives round searching them out!  She fires them out at all angles, one ricochets off me, one lands on the ice-cream freezer and one glides under the card carousel.  None go unfound.  Best two minutes of fun ever.

Other fab games, which are proven winners in our garden, are bubble blowing for endless chasing and popping and throwing out handfuls of tiny treats to be sought out and snaffled.  In hot spells I throw out ice cubes, which they LOVE.

You can also buy come pretty cheap agility equipment like weaving poles and tunnels to set up in the back garden. 

Do you play daft games with your dog?  Hide and Seek?  Find the treat under the row of cups maybe?  At Collectibles Cove it is normally chase or football.  The last game of chase was a bit critical though as the puppy had a live frog in her mouth.

The frog survived.  I ran out of naughty words to yell.

Live would be so dull without dogs, and our Postmistress, who also dyes her hair blue for summer plumage.  If you have a good game, which doesn’t cost a fortune, do let us know!

Ruth xx

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How do I introduce my Cairn Terrier to a new dog? April 25, 2019 08:54

How do I introduce my Cairn Terrier to a new dog?


Very carefully and thoughtfully.  Looking back it has taken nearly a year for us to be totally happy to leave all of our three together without there being a major incident.  We have the two old ladies who are thirteen, and we brought a puppy into the mix because we do not want a gap when a sad thing happens.

I read up loads on this and became convinced the articles were correct when they said it would take maybe three of four weeks for the new group to stabilise.  Of course we could expect squabbles and dominance issues and probably spats over food.  All of that happened, and it went on for a very long time even though we had introduced them all on neutral ground and given everyone their own space. 


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I hate sugar coating things because life is mad and complex and quite ridiculous.  Your experience will depend on a million different factors so above all be prepared to be very, very patient. 

Here are some basics to consider.  Is your current Cairn Terrier ready?  Is he issue free?  Well-trained and balanced?  A new dog will make any existing issues worse.

Is the new dog going to be compatible?  If you introduce a pup to the older generation prepare for the older dog to teach the young one lessons, and be prepared for them to sound harsh. 

Make sure that YOU remain the alpha dog over both sets, therefore not allowing either dog to rise to dominance over the other.

If the first Cairn Terrier is afraid of the second dog, keep in mind that dogs don’t need love when they are fearful, they need leadership.  Rewarding their negative energy will result in more reaction. 

Some say there is slightly less conflict between opposite sexes, and that the ideal combination is to bring a male pup into an established female’s territory.

Top advice from experience is, monitor at all times, especially where food and treats are involved.  Use child gates, stair gates and crates.  Hide in them when necessary!

Sometimes the newcomer isn’t a pup but the guidelines still apply, especially in terms of separation until the fireworks subside.  Of course, you may have just moved little Mabel in without a minute of madness and that is brilliant, I guess I am talking about worst-case scenarios. 

I hope your new family is a joy and delight for many years to come.

Ruth xx

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Update on digging deterrents and why lawns are so yesterday April 18, 2019 09:32

Update on digging deterrents and why lawns are so yesterday.


As soon as the sun comes out so do the lawnmowers, the strimmers the rotivators and the secateurs and a whole nation strides out like a million Alan Titchmarshes ready to transform their winter mud patch into a fragment of Eden. 

I was among the green fingered hopeful last weekend, confident that all my lectures and practical research on anti dog digging activities would pay off, and I would be rewarded with a Tiger Woods trophy for lawn perfection.


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Imagine my delight to note that only a few skips up the garden, tip toeing with joy, dressed like Margot off “The Good Life” sporting Marigolds, a polka dot pinnie and a floppy straw hat, to find that the dogs had dug more holes.  There were many holes.  There were more holes than green bits.  Some holes were muddy, some dry, some had toys in, others sported shredded socks and some had their own brand new ecosystems. 

Emergency operations were put in place and I decamped to the front garden to widen the flower border there, transferring turf to the back to fill in the holes.  I was confident.  Too confident as it turns out.  Using the best schoolmistress voice I could muster, the dogs were reduced to simply staring at my frenzied attempt to patch up. 

It felt like I was replacing a thousand divots at St Andrews.  Water, drop in turf, stamp flat, water more, shore up edges with soil, water again, and glare at dogs.  Repeat activity a squinty billion times.  Finally, with a massive sense of achievement I pulled out my trump card in the shape of bits of old pallet wood.  Enough to let the sun in and the dogs out.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Ta Daa!  It may have looked like the start of a bonfire, but boy when this grass blends in….  It was just seconds later there was a scraping at my heel.  The puppy was digging.

Ripley digging

Folks, I am here to declare that lawns are for losers.  It’s back to the drawing board for me.  Happy gardening and Happy Easter to pups and peeps everywhere.  If you want me I will be drinking a cocktail up the garden, at the bottom of a hole.  Obviously. 

Ruth xx

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Do we humanise our Cairn Terriers too much? April 4, 2019 09:38 1 Comment

Do we humanise our Cairn Terriers too much?


The definition of anthropomorphism is  “the attribution of human traits, emotions or intentions to non human entities.  It is considered to be an innate tendency of human psychology.” 

So I think we can be excused from many of our observations because it is inbuilt, for example, “Look, the puppy is sad because you have her toy”, or “She is guilty about pinching your sandwich, she can’t look you in the face!”


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But I ask you do we go to far?  Do you think some people de-dog their animal too much?  I don’t just mean by dressing them in tutus and calling them Angela.  It is really easy to see why we cross the line sometimes because these dogs are our dependants so in that way very similar to children.  They have some similar emotions like fear and love, and of course intelligence.  They have a certain amount of understanding and an ability to learn. Here comes the BUT.  BUT comparing these attributes to human behaviour is doing a disservice to the dog.

That little “fur-baby” sitting on your lap as you read, or at your feet in the kitchen while you chat away to it, is a completely different species.  We are apes and they are canines.  We speak a very different language whilst theirs is almost exclusively body language. 

We are prone to scooping our pups up, cuddling and kissing them and being generally bothersome, and frankly, most dogs just tolerate that, it’s not how they would normally go about things!  I do it on a daily basis. 

Problems can occur when the ‘parent’ of a ‘fur baby’ totally loses sight of the fact that they are pack leader to their dog.  If they constantly regard their dog as a human baby, they may not be able to attend to all the actual needs of their dog.

Not sure this is a right or wrong scenario, pretty sure it is all about balance.  Hand up, I dance and sing to my dogs (mostly to blank stares), I grab them for kisses, which they put up with, and I coo at them, I actually coo.  What do you think?  Found an excellent quote. “They are not human, they are better than that.”

Ruth xx

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What can we do about out of control dogs? March 28, 2019 16:07 2 Comments

What can we do about out of control dogs?


This week my friend’s dogs were attacked in a car park.  She was just back at the end of a woodland walk.   From down the track behind her hurtled two dogs in attack mode, the larger of the two pinned down one of hers, snarling and lunging and the smaller one leapt in biting.  My friend managed to get one of her two in the car; meanwhile our victim was on the floor squealing in terror.  The larger dog defecated all over him too as a dominance gesture.

The whole incident was horrendous and the owners were nowhere to be seen.  There were no witnesses.  This wasn’t a one off event.  These dogs had done this on four other occasions.  My friend can’t sleep, and her normally chilled and playful dogs are now fearful.  I must stress, there had been no previous engagement, and the attacks were totally unprovoked. 


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The law is very clear.  It is against the law to let a dog be dangerously out of control anywhere, such as in a public place, in a private place, for example a neighbour’s house or garden, in the owner’s home.  The law applies to all dogs.  What does “ dangerously out of control " refer to in reality?  Your dog is considered dangerously out of control if it injures someone, makes someone worried that it might injure them, if it attacks someone’s animal or if the owner of the animal thinks they could be injured if they tried to stop your dog attacking their animal.

Seems pretty clear doesn’t it?  The incidents have been reported but nothing has come of it.  So what are we meant to do to protect our pets?  How do we persuade people to take responsibility?  The owners in question are a professional couple; maybe they feel they are above the law?  Their names and their dog’s names are known, but what can we do with that information without getting reported ourselves over information protection? 

My best advice is do the right things, play it by the book.  Contact the police with the details and the dog warden.  Warn other dog walkers via Facebook in your area about the problem, but avoid names.  Contact professional dog walkers locally and warn them too.  Get word out and be vigilant.  Information is power.  If you meet the perpetrators and decide to confront them, be very careful indeed.

Please share your experiences of anything similar and how you dealt with it.  There simply must be a way, despite Police funding cuts and understaffed councils, to make our lives with our animals safer.

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