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Cairn Terrier Memory Box

Cairn Memory Boxes

It is almost unbearably sad when your Cairn passes over the Rainbow Bridge. We know as we have been there a few times. The loss leaves a hole, a quiet grief and a great loneliness.  After the initial raw pain, thoughts turn to the good times, the great fun and companionship and the wonderful memories left behind which no-one can ever take away.  There are the physical bits and bobs like the collar and lead which now hang on the hook with their trademark scratches after so many adventure through fields and hedges.  The toys, which lie, scattered around from the tattered ted to the squeaker-less ball, all top favourites. And then there are the photographs, the sweet and goofy ones that seem to sum up their very essence. 

We have some precious little bits of fur too, and on sad days, all these things bring good thoughts. It feels right to honour our dogs that have passed and to keep their memories alive in a happy and thoughtful way.

What better way to remember your lost ones than to have a Memory Box in which to keep the precious memories safe? Cairn Terrier Collectibles is creating a unique range of individual memory boxes that will be launched soon and available on this site.

The boxes are not thin-sided mass produced items, but are beautiful re-purposed old wood boxes of various sizes and shapes. The boxes are lovingly and sympathetically restored, marked with our memory box logo and Cairn outline, and contain a secret twist that we hope you will love. We are keeping that under wraps for now. The boxes are imperfect with no two the same, because, like us, they have been used for many years and have seen much love. We think this makes them perfect for your Cairns.

More soon….

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