Why does my Cairn terrier eat poo and puke? November 29, 2018 07:42 1 Comment

Why does my Cairn Terrier eat poo and puke

Here’s hoping you haven’t just eaten!  Be warned, horrible things are about to be exposed to the light!

So, you have a poo eater?  Your dog is indulging in Coprophagia, but relax, it’s common and though it seems like the most disgusting thing your hound can do, it actually isn’t awfully harmful.  Does your beloved furry friend also gobble up his or her own vomit?  Again, gross, but common and not the end of the civilised world, as we know it.   

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I know it goes against every human instinct, what comes out should never go back in, but to a dog? That rule doesn’t apply.  What he has just expelled from either end can be as tasty the second time round, it smells of lovely food and that is that.

So back end first, here are some of the suggested reasons dogs eat poo.  They evolved as scavengers so basically, they are not picky and anything is better than starving.  Sometimes they are just greedy or hungry.  Some suggest they do it out of boredom or even have a diet deficiency, specifically of Vitamin B; there is also the school of thought, which says this is a response to separation from their human.

A problem arises if the dog eats poo contaminated with parasites; so up to date worming is a must.  If your older dog has only just started with poo eating, then there may be an underlying medical issue, so a trip to the vets is called for.

So up to the top end, nothing gets a dog owner out of bed quicker than their dog making puking noises.  There are two type of vomit, the first is an active expulsion usually accompanied by yellow bile, the other is regurgitation, which is the expulsion of food, which hasn’t reached the stomach yet.  Mother dogs will often regurgitate food in this way for their pups.  

If it smells like food, it may well get eaten, again, no need to worry unless of course the dog is vomiting a lot and frequently which means possible illness and a vet trip.

Overall, they do it, it’s horrible, but it’s natural and as long as the kids don’t follow suit, all will be well.

Hope you like the picture, I couldn’t bear to put anything else up!

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