Taking a stand on plastics - 2019 progress report January 17, 2019 10:38

Taking a stand on plastics - 2019 progress report


A year ago we posted a blog entitled ‘Taking a stand on plastics’. We explained that we would be removing all plastic packaging from our products during 2018, once we had used up existing supplies. We felt it important to make and announce the decision so that we could be held accountable. A year on, we feel the same, and are pleased to report back on progress.

We realised during 2018 that some of our lofty ideals would take longer to implement than others. Our successes are as follows:

  • We now use plain brown cardboard boxes, recycled boxes or unpadded brown paper shipping bags to ship the majority of the items we ship. Yay!
  • We no longer use brown plastic tape to seal our packages, we use brown paper tape. Yay!
  • We have shredded a large amount of old paper that we had and largely use this as the padding and ballast in our packages. Yay!
  • We do still use bubble wrap for delicate items, but this is now only bubble wrap that has come in to us as packaging from suppliers, i.e. it is re-used stock. Kinda Yay!

There are areas where we have been less successful (so far):

  • Cellotape is sometimes needed but we haven’t yet found a suitable alternative.
  • We have not yet managed to persuade all of our suppliers to deliver products to us in plastic free packaging. This is a work-in-progress. We understand that they want to deliver products in the best possible condition, so we will revisit this year.
  • We still have a small stock of old plastic packaging and will continue to use this until it runs out. At that point it will be replaced with non-plastics.

Our commitment remains unaltered and we would still ask you to hold us accountable.

Phil and Ruth Terrett


Johnny Muttley Ltd