Testing the benefits of Aloe Vera part 1 July 22, 2019 16:43

Testing the benefits of Aloe Vera part 1


As a family we are conducting a test on the affect of Aloe Vera on ourselves and our pets. Evidence suggests that good quality Aloe Vera products can help as we age, and that as an adaptogen, Aloe Vera can help our bodies rebalance, particularly after trauma. Aloe Vera is supposed to help  support normal function and mobility. Why would we do this now you ask?

Firstly our two old girls, Bella and Hattie are beginning to show their age. Both are 13 years old and came to us as rescue sisters when they were 8. Bella has had bone-cut surgery on both cruciate ligaments and is now a partly ‘bionic’ girl, but two years on is beginning to limp. Hattie was always a little stiff-legged and now moves fairly slowly. In addition we want to ensure that we lay down a great base for young Ripley to build her health over the years.

Secondly Phil has two frozen shoulders, which are extremely painful. While we wait for 6 months for a specialist appointment for him, we want to try alternatives to strong painkillers to see if we can affect the condition.

We have started out by putting Phil, Bella and Hattie on the correct doses of an Aloe Vera drink, the initials of which are FFD - if it works we’ll let you all know the details. Why this one? Well the juice is made from mainly the inner sap of the Aloe Vera plant, so we know it is of good quality, but it has three added ingredients that are essential to joint repair and maintenance:

Glucosamine -  a substance found naturally in the body. It is a form of amino sugar, known to assist in cartilage formation and repair. It is also known for rebuilding damaged joints, tendons, cartilage and soft tissue.

Chondriotin - one of the most vital of the compounds in connective tissue, which is responsible for building and supporting the cartilage. As a nutritional supplement, this naturally occurring compound provides potent support for strong, healthy cartilage and joints.

MSM - also known as methyl-sulfonyl-methane, is an organic sulphur. Sulphur is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body found in every cell. It is found in food but is lost when washed, cooked or steamed. The body uses MSM to create new healthy cells as well as other health benefits.

All of the ingredients of the drink are natural and what is not used by the body is expelled.

Phil has 120ml per day as part of his home-made green breakfast smoothie (looks like Shrek juice, tastes great), and the old girls have 20ml each mixed in with their food. Ripley has 20ml of a more general Aloe Vera juice in with her dinner.

The initial reports are positive after two weeks of use. Phil reports that he is in less pain and has more movement in his right shoulder. Hattie seems to be a little more perky and Bella says “Woof”. We’ll report back with more information in a few more weeks.

There are other Aloe Vera products that we believe do wondrous things like stopping itching and calm the skin after allergies, and even one that we are told cleans the smell of fox poo from a dog’s coat. More on these later.