The Amazing Cairn Terrier Relief Fund Fun Day! September 7, 2017 18:30 1 Comment

What a brilliant bunch of people and dogs! Cairn terriers in a huge array of shapes, sizes and character, and their slaves, (silly me, I mean owners. Or do I?) enjoyed such a good day filled with sausages and laughs that

Sausage snack! Cairn Terrier Collectibles

I cannot believe we will have to wait a whole year to do it all again!

 Baxter the three -legged Cairn was there again this year, good to see you little one! Bella had a little go on the agility walkway when no-one else was looking, she smashed it, may do some garden practice and have a proper go next year! 

I think the best part is the “non-stuffiness” of this event. It isn’t about perfect dog dimensions or perfect pedigree or perfect performance, it’s about the real value of dog companionship, and of course the need to raise funds for Cairns needing new homes. 

There were demonstrations on grooming, on agility and on how to teach your dog new skills. Probably the most popular competition class was for “Best sausage catcher”.   Sausage carnage and great excitement ensued.

We were thrilled that the CairnTastic team gave us a glimpse of the performance they gave in Crufts this year, really inspiring stuff. It shows what positive reinforcement and gentle sausage persuasion can do even with this rather stubborn breed. Look at their shirts and shoes! Cairns can be obedient. They really can!  And look, there's Phil with his cheeky grin too!

 Cairn Do!  Cairn Terrier CollectiblesPhil the happy vendor Cairn Terrier Collectibles

Hats off to the amazing volunteers for this charity who give up their precious time, money and energy for Cairns in need. Plus, Hats off to our very own Hattie who won prizes! She is demanding an agent now to organise future appearances in the media. Steady on Hattie.

 Hattie's Rosettes! Cairn Terrier CollectiblesMore Rosettes2 Cairn Terrier CollectiblesMore rosettes Cairn Terrier Collectibles

It really was a genuine pleasure to meet friends and catch up, including the amazing couple Gary and Sheena and their dog Roo. They were Bella’s foster family before she came to us, and she really could not have been in better hands.

Thanks to everyone who came to the stall and took home treats, we look forward to staying in touch.  Don't forget you can see our lovely products on-line at  and chat to us and send us pictures on our Face book page which is called Cairn Terrier Addicts.

We couldn't display everything we sell, so here's a little peak at some of the lovely silver paw-print jewellery All our love till next time.