The Cairn Terrier Relief Fund’s Fiftieth Anniversary Fun Day! September 24, 2019 19:15

The Cairn Terrier Relief Fund’s Fiftieth Anniversary Fun Day!


It’s a big blog title and a great event.  We are in the throes of getting organised to set up our stall and it’s really straight forward because we have three Cairn Terriers helping.  Hattie is in charge of bandanas, Ripley is organising personalised goodies and Bella is sorting through the brand new Cairn terrier Christmas card designs. 

They are being even more helpful than they were last week when Phil and I were trying to fix the garden fence.  He was up the ladder with a drill, swaying dangerously, I was pushing the fence upright with all my weight, and Ripley promptly fell in the pond.  Frogs flew left and right, and she emerged snout covered in duckweed and shaking water all over our legs.  She is quite the sharer. 

Bella helped by running off to bark at the mass murderer at the front door, aka the postman, and Hattie, dear poorly Hattie stayed in bed eyeing the pantomime with her worldly wise gaze.

Hattie has a tumour on her shoulder blade; it’s inoperable and forcing her to limp.  Her back legs are creaky too so moving is hard work.  We are doing all we can for her, but it’s a sad thing to see.  Mind you, she can still put a wiggle on with three legs when the snacks come out.

So the situation now, regarding the wonderful event on Saturday is that the hall is full and we cannot leave the house except by the back door.  Bella is lying on the blankets and knitted sweaters, Ripley is nibbling the corners of the air fresheners and Hattie is lying, legs akimbo over the new prints marked “fragile, do not bend”.  I think we need that sticker for Hattie herself.

So will you be there this Saturday?  We are bringing Ripley with us; the old girls are getting looked after at home.  We are particularly looking forward to the sausage catching competition though Phil is a bit cross it’s only for dogs.  There will be competitions, displays of agility and obedience, stalls, raffles, tombola, photography, cakes and snacks and, amazingly, a Scottish piper!

So the fun starts at 11am, at Canine Center, Ratby Lane, Markfield, Leicester LE67 9RJ.  Please do come and say hello!

The Cairn Terrier Relief fund does brilliant work by fostering Cairns in need until the right home can be found for them.  I am particularly excited by the fact there will be a fiftieth anniversary cake at the centre, can’t wait to try it.

If you can't be there, please do visit our shop and buy something. Part of our profits regularly go to CTRF to help those Cairns in need. They do great work so please help us to help them when you are thinking about gifts for yourselves, your friends and your Cairns.


Ruth and Phil xx