Unavoidable changes to postal charges to the United States of America July 21, 2020 10:44

Unavoidable changes to postal charges to the United States of America - Cairn Terrier Collectibles


To all of our lovely American customers....

Sadly due to a change in policy from the current American administration, we understand that all financial support has been withdrawn from in-country postal services in the USA. We are sure that it is more complicated than that, but those are the basics! This means that there has been a significant increase in the cost to ALL external postal services shipping into the USA, ALL services from any other country. This is caused by increases, not in the transatlantic leg of the journey, but in the in-country delivery charges.

The UK couriers have had no choice but to pass this cost on to us, and sadly onwards to you. The minimum increase on any of the rates is 48%. We do not mark-up postage in any way.

We will work as always to minimise postage charges, and if this situation changes for the better will let you know immediately, and adjust the rates. In the meantimes we will make things as flat and light as possible for you.

There are some products that will be temporarily unavailable to American customers while we work out how our suppliers are going to deal with this.  Our clothing ranges are unaffected as American orders are processed in America.

This is not a North American thing, so Canada is not affected by this, only the United States of America.

Kind regards

Phil and Ruth