Update on digging deterrents and why lawns are so yesterday April 18, 2019 09:32

Update on digging deterrents and why lawns are so yesterday.


As soon as the sun comes out so do the lawnmowers, the strimmers the rotivators and the secateurs and a whole nation strides out like a million Alan Titchmarshes ready to transform their winter mud patch into a fragment of Eden. 

I was among the green fingered hopeful last weekend, confident that all my lectures and practical research on anti dog digging activities would pay off, and I would be rewarded with a Tiger Woods trophy for lawn perfection.


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Imagine my delight to note that only a few skips up the garden, tip toeing with joy, dressed like Margot off “The Good Life” sporting Marigolds, a polka dot pinnie and a floppy straw hat, to find that the dogs had dug more holes.  There were many holes.  There were more holes than green bits.  Some holes were muddy, some dry, some had toys in, others sported shredded socks and some had their own brand new ecosystems. 

Emergency operations were put in place and I decamped to the front garden to widen the flower border there, transferring turf to the back to fill in the holes.  I was confident.  Too confident as it turns out.  Using the best schoolmistress voice I could muster, the dogs were reduced to simply staring at my frenzied attempt to patch up. 

It felt like I was replacing a thousand divots at St Andrews.  Water, drop in turf, stamp flat, water more, shore up edges with soil, water again, and glare at dogs.  Repeat activity a squinty billion times.  Finally, with a massive sense of achievement I pulled out my trump card in the shape of bits of old pallet wood.  Enough to let the sun in and the dogs out.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Ta Daa!  It may have looked like the start of a bonfire, but boy when this grass blends in….  It was just seconds later there was a scraping at my heel.  The puppy was digging.

Ripley digging

Folks, I am here to declare that lawns are for losers.  It’s back to the drawing board for me.  Happy gardening and Happy Easter to pups and peeps everywhere.  If you want me I will be drinking a cocktail up the garden, at the bottom of a hole.  Obviously. 

Ruth xx

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