What games can I play with my Cairn Terrier? May 3, 2019 09:40

What games can I play with my Cairn Terrier? - Cairn Terrier Collectibles


I ask because of what happened this week in the Post Office. I managed to catch the last post.  The postman is there, in shorts (why do they always wear shorts even in the cold and wet?) chatting to the postmistress and bundling in and out with huge grey sacks, when I notice a dog at my heels waiting very patiently. 

It is the Post Office dog so I assume he is on guard, ready to leap into action in case Mr Shorts gets ambushed for our three hook key racks or a bandana.  So I think to myself how excellent and professional this is in terms of good training, and carry on getting parcels weighed.    Funny thing is, dog is still at my heels after Mr Shorts has gone and I am saying my goodbyes, so I asked lovely postmistress, “what is this dog waiting for? “


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“Ah, this is his favourite time of the day, he waits for the postman to leave and then we play his best game, watch this!”

I am instructed to step away from the counter, and postmistress reaches for the special treats tin.  Dog goes on excited alert.  From behind the security glass, postmistress drops the treats onto the metal counter and flicks the tiny treats under the letter gap right across the room!  Dog goes crackers and dives round searching them out!  She fires them out at all angles, one ricochets off me, one lands on the ice-cream freezer and one glides under the card carousel.  None go unfound.  Best two minutes of fun ever.

Other fab games, which are proven winners in our garden, are bubble blowing for endless chasing and popping and throwing out handfuls of tiny treats to be sought out and snaffled.  In hot spells I throw out ice cubes, which they LOVE.

You can also buy come pretty cheap agility equipment like weaving poles and tunnels to set up in the back garden. 

Do you play daft games with your dog?  Hide and Seek?  Find the treat under the row of cups maybe?  At Collectibles Cove it is normally chase or football.  The last game of chase was a bit critical though as the puppy had a live frog in her mouth.

The frog survived.  I ran out of naughty words to yell.

Live would be so dull without dogs, and our Postmistress, who also dyes her hair blue for summer plumage.  If you have a good game, which doesn’t cost a fortune, do let us know!

Ruth xx

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