What toys can I give to my Cairn Terrier? September 3, 2018 16:35

What toys can I give to my Cairn Terrier


When we first got our pups we ran with great excitement to the nearest pet shop and stocked up on squeaky pigs, rawhide bones, squeaky teddies and teething rings, you name it, we spent out on it.  In hindsight we were as daft as the pups. 

Any raw hide is a big no-no; leave it on the shelf however pretty it looks.  Once chewed, bits break off and are a significant choking hazard.  Anything with a squeak, leave that too.  Pups love them, they will make enough noise to make your head spin but that little squeaker when liberated from the body of the toy is also a huge choking hazard. 

Little rubber bones and balls are cute but the cheaper ones will disintegrate quite quickly. 


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Save pounds and make the early toys out of household things.  Tie a knot in a towel or a pillowcase as a munch and tug toy.  Plait strips of old fabric together for the same thing.  Try popping an old tennis ball inside a sock and tie it in place.  Avoid the temptation to let pup chew your old shoes.  There will be no distinction later between old and new. 

A quick straw poll of our Facebook friends has revealed that favourite toys include stuffed pheasants, monkeys and teddies.  One rabbit in particular is just held together with dirt after many years of love; it is mainly a head and scrap of body!

For all the common sense we can bring to the table about the right thing to do, be aware that however wise these words are, your Cairn Terrier will defy you at every turn.  He will choose to play with anything he can steal and must not have.  He will find the tiniest scraps of sharpness and the most unsuitable, probably life threatening object which you never even knew you had. 

Top toys here are an old coconut shell, a piece of slate (to our irritation), and an empty water bottle.  What can you do?  Keep your wits about you; it’s a fun ride.

We hope this answers your question "What toys can I give to my Cairn Terrier?".

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