What Walnut did November 14, 2016 11:45

Walnut the Whippet

Eighteen-year-old Walnut the whippet took his last walk on a Cornish beach this week with hundreds of fellow dogs and walkers there to say goodbye.  His owners had appealed for company for their beloved dog after deciding that his suffering was now unbearable and he needed a much-needed rest from pain. 

Walnut couldn’t walk, so he was carried wrapped in a blanket and received so many pats and so much love that many in the crowd were brought to tears.  His poignant story reached TV and Radio news outlets where even politically toughened commentators were having to force back tears as they reported on Walnut’s gentle lift down into the sea for one last paddle.

The amazing folks at Ethical Record Label were so moved by the story that they wrote a song about Walnut over night and have pledged that all monies raised by it’s sale will go to Battersea Dogs and Cats home.

Owner Mark Woods said he was flabbergasted by the amazing response to his Facebook appeal for this final walk.  Then he shared the last words he spoke to his beloved Walnut.  “I basically thanked him for the lovely life that he has given me, and then I took him into the garden for a little last time alone together.”  Walnut passed away peacefully surround by his family and their three other whippets.

In the midst of the great sadness which all of us dog lovers have experienced, there is love.  There is joy for a cherished well lived life and huge comfort in the sharing of that joy. 

Good stuff happens.  Good people happen.  Good dogs happen.  Tell us your good stories, your best stories and let’s celebrate our dog’s amazing lives together.  Thank you Walnut and may you now rest in blissful peace.

R and P xx