What's to be done about Irresponsible dog owners? August 17, 2017 18:30 1 Comment

Apparently putting them first against the wall when the revolution comes is not the correct response. It’s not just the non -picking up of waste, I could rant for the galaxy on that topic, but the general lack of common sense while in charge of a dog.

Just because your dog is “only being friendly” doesn’t mean it’s ok for it to lunge at me and mine. “He is so good off the lead,” doesn’t mean you are the only one who can ignore the signs PLEADING with owners to put their dogs on a lead in the Nature Conservation area. “She loves other dogs, she just wants to play!” Is all very well, but mine, on the lead do not. They feel threatened and will feel very uncomfortable with your dog bounding around them.

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 There was an incident locally yesterday. Woman walking her dog, off lead along-side a children’s play area in a pub garden. Bloke is going into the area to give the kids some crisps, dog bounds over, owner shouts the classic “It’s ok, he is just being friendly”, and as the bloke tries shutting the gate behind him, the dog takes a chunk out of his shorts and leg. Cue hospital visit for clean up and jabs. Woman shrieks “He’s never done that before!” and disappears. Good grief. At very least stick around to see that the chap is ok and then stump up some reassurances on never letting it happen again maybe?

The chap’s partner managed to get a photo of the back of the woman, and has been appealing for people to let her know who she is and intends reporting the incident to the police, as she should.

 Why do people not take full responsibility for their dogs? It simply beggars belief. We have two Cairns one can be an ankle nipper if she is swooped down on or if she feels the house is being invaded by strangers. We know this now, and have a lead with a yellow warning sign, and when people come to the house, the dog is picked up until the perceived threat is over and then peace reigns.  

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So this week a man from the local community council turned up with a high vis vest for me to wear while I am dog walking. I made such a noise at the meetings about dog mess that now I must put my money where my mouth is. I don’t mind playing my part, time to get proactive methinks.