Where the Wild Things Are. Or, In the Garden with Cairns. May 25, 2017 18:41

Why can’t I have perfect borders, rows of carrots a wildlife area AND Cairns? This week I went creative in the garden and decided to make a bug- house. I must support nature and encourage wildlife into the garden. Some nice shaggy haired naturalist on TV is quite insistent on it. Bamboo poles were sawn to little lengths, twigs were gathered and tens of cones were roped in. Artfully arranged I dashed back into the house to get the glue gun, which would ensure everything stayed in lovely, arty, nature friendly happiness.  On my return, the glue gun dropped from my hand as I gasped at what looked like a tornado hit forest. 

Bella Chews Bamboo Cairn Terrier Collectibles

  In my creative reverie I had not noticed the sneaky destruction thieves had hit. Cones were chewed and spread over the lawn like so many exploded wooden hedgehogs. Every scrap of bamboo was nibbled and relocated and partially buried in the flower patch. Every stick rejected for the bug –house, which had been thrown in the compost bin had been carefully dragged out and left on the patio. The Cairns were looking spectacularly pleased with themselves as I shouted into the coniferous wastelands “This is why we can’t have nice things!!” The nice, shaggy haired TV man would not be happy.  Some hours later, with a bit of swearing, a lot of glue and considerably less bug house stuff..

Bug House Cairn terrier Collectibles

 I look up ‘gardening with dogs’ on the interweb and scour for useful advice. Apparently the key is you “train your dog not to” destroy the garden. Well that’s helpful, no wait, there’s more “put down a running track where they are allowed to scamper and place driftwood in the borders.” These experts are having a laugh right? As I sit back with a calming cup of tea and watch my happy dogs leap with joy through the woody carnage, trampling down the wildflower shoots and burying their treats in a seed tray full of compost, I decide two things.

Bella eats the cone.  Cairn Terrier Collectibles

First, owning a dog means giving up perfection and learning forgiveness. Second, I must sign up for an allotment.

While you are here, have a wander round these wondrous things.. more in a fortnight!