Yes we have a tree up and we don’t care! November 23, 2017 18:30

A tree is up in the lounge and it isn’t even December!   We have an excellent excuse. We are setting the scene for this year’s Cairn Christmas card, so it’s all sparkly and silver and red and white, the throws are perfectly arranged, the camera is set to the right angle, there is even some make shift lighting. All would be just grand if only the Cairns would cooperate. They are dressed with their new bandanas, the proper Christmas ones, and immediately start playing up.

“Right!” shouts Phil, “Lights, Camera, ACTION!” At these words the dogs actually hear “Run up the garden, get covered in leaves and fall in the pond!”

After extensive wiping and drying, it’s time to try again. “Disguise the camera as a sausage!” I helpfully suggest as Bella does her normal trick of seeing the camera and cowering as if it is the Devil’s right hand.

 “Squeak the squeaky toy over my head! To the right! Left a bit, lower!” They now look as if they are watching a tennis match, but do manage to look directly at the camera for point three of a second when Hattie decides to launch an attack on the squeaky toy and renders attempt at second photograph null and void. Phil has to go and inspect his head for scratches. He swears a bit.

 Naughty bella Cairn Terrier CollectiblesHattie tries Cairn Terrier CollectiblesBella Not Looking Cairn Terrier Collectibles

We run out of bribes from the snack pot and now go for the cheese we were saving for Christmas. Needs must.

“We’re losing the light!” Shouts David Bailey..

“I am losing the will to live!” Shouts I, and the girls curl up on the sofa to sleep.

“Come on girls, one last effort, let’s do it for the spirit of the season! (“Make mine a double whiskey,” growls David Bailey).

Remarkably, everyone perks up, the girls look at the camera, the light is good, the scene is, well, scenic, and it is only just after the shutter clicks that the tree gently, elegantly and with minimum fuss, falls over.

 Xmas tree Cairn Terrier Collectibles

Thanks for reading, whiles you are here you may like a look at some of our seasonal treats, see you all soon. x