Kilt pin brooch (Mother's Day)


Sweet Cairn brooch made with sterling silver kilt pin, a mix of glass and porcelain beads and Tibetan charms!  Each one will have slight variations in beads, but will always have the same colour hues and charm mix.  The brooch measures 5 cms across, the length will vary slightly depending on the design.

Perfect to charm your Cairn crazy Mother this Mother's Day.

Fabulous for fastening scarves, or giving a plain jumper some zing!  Try it on your lapel or even your handbag!

As the Kilt pin is a sharp item we do not recommend it be bought by, for, or used by, under 12's.

Note Mother's Day in 2018 is on the 11th March (UK) and on the 13th May for the US and much of Europe and RoW.

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