Memory Box (Green)


Keep your treasured memories safe.

A new wooden memory box. Measuring 27.5 x 17.5 x 12.5 cm, this box is trendy green, and is marked with the Cairn Terrier image. The base of the box, and the inside of the lid have been felted in brown felt to keep them smooth. The inside of the box is decorated with 1930's and 40's Cairn Terrier press clippings and show results. The box has an attractive turning clasp.

Here at Cairn Terrier Collectibles we use these memory boxes to keep leads, collars, favourite toys, locks of hair, Pedigree and paperwork, and best pictures for our departed furbabies. What will you put in yours? 

Internal decor will vary slightly between boxes as different press clippings are used for each box we create.

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