Memory Box (Hardwood with base)


Keep your treasured memories safe.

A vintage hardwood memory box, restored but with it's original, imperfect look intact. Measuring 24 x 19 x 29 cm, this box is marked with the Cairn Terrier image. The box has original brass hinges and has been waxed and lightly polished using clear high quality wax. The base of the box extends beyond the box and contains brass screw holes at the corners. This box could have been a church or ballot box and has been felted in bright red felt to keep it smooth on any surface.

The inside of the memory box has been left as found. The box is of solid tongue and groove construction. There is no lock.

Here at Cairn Terrier Collectibles we use these memory boxes to keep leads, collars, favourite toys, locks of hair, Pedigree and paperwork, and best pictures for our departed furbabies. What will you put in yours?

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